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Thread: Dual xeons swish cooling & case!! HELP

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    Dual xeons swish cooling & case!! HELP

    Hey all, dad is setting up a broadcasting system and needs two xeons, the xeons he has/is getting (2.8ghz) but he needs cooling for them both. NOT WATER and NOT LOUD... BUT must fit into a SMALL case...

    Any ideas?

    Links to UK products please!

    OK, just got updated by my dad, the cooling must be able to fit in a rackmount or that kind of case. Also has to be completely fanless. No noise, very swish (to impress this company) and budget of.. well.. as much as u like really... (few hundred on just cooling :o)

    Ermmmm any suggestion on cases aswell to fit it in (must be very swish) nothing to swanky (not a tower) also he wouldnt mind a case with a built in TFT at the top etc...


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    heh.. thats asking alot.

    I would look into some Coolermaster Passive Heatpipe heatsinks for cooling. (Bad thing is they require a 3U case, due to height.)

    As for a case with a built in TFT, thats going to have to be customer built.
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    Howard to the rescue!

    Not quite fanless, but watercooled rackmount is better than regular aircooled rackmount.
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    ^^^ thats great, he said that is grand.... cheers LoudHoward!
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