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Thread: Guide: Power Supply Sense Wire Modding

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    I'm trying to get a nice power source that gives 2-3 volts. I could make one myself, but that's to difficult. So I thought, why not sense-wire-mod the 3.3v rail to 2-3 volts. Now, upping the voltage is easy, but how do I decrease it? Is there a way? I tried really everything...


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    Having issues with this mod...

    Supply is Coolermaster Real Power Pro 850W

    The supply only has two sense wires, orange and red. I completed the mod exactly as describded.

    Only problem now is when I turn it on its ok, and after I turn the VR's down for a long time, they must alost be at zero, the supply will just shut off at a certain point. The voltage does not rise on any of the rails before shut down, even when I turn the VR extremely slow.

    Anybody know whatsup? Do the newer supplies have some built in protection that does not allow this to work?

    Anybody still doing this mod?
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    I have the corsair hx520.. does anyone know if this needs the fixed inline?? or do I only need to add the VR to it? also this will work with only changing the 12v right.. or should I change the rest while I'm in there. just so I have it if needed.
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    What about new psus can you mod those to? i have the InWin 1500w and i would like to get the 12v a little higher to about 12.35v instead of 12.15v?
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