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Thread: Air Cooled Gallery

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    Ingenious if I may say so, 30# test cable (believe it or not, temps did go down as the weight of the cooler was pulling the sink away from the cores on top):


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    Love the supports!. Its cool.

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    its not total air cooled but hybrid
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    z5500 win
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    Nice support for the heatsink, I wonder if it works with a Noctua D14..

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    Just put this together today, Not the final build. Going to change a few things while it's still on air. New cooler is on the way..
    The back s a mess, but i don't have the door of. So i don't have to look at it. And i might change the psu etc. So i'm just using it as it is
    Taken with my mobile, not great pics

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    After about 3-4 years of WCing, im back at Aircooling with a build i called Mini-B.

    Im not gaming that much anymore and i decided to invest in something else than a computer, in futur, house and more !

    So here it is ! My new small thing. Ill in the proces of finding a new GPU or two, maybe GTX670's

    I alwais wanted to try an mATX build.

    I first of put everything inside this new little case and had trouble with the TPQ-1200-OC. I have this PSU for ~2yrs now and it served me very well when i had SLI GTX580 and an I7 920, All WCed and OCed but now that i reduce the rig, its a bit overkill. But the main issue is with the powercache, the big thing on the cables that hold capacitors. They just dont fit very well behind the backpanel of this little case ...

    The easyest was to leave them on the floor cause they dont fit behind, the back panel just wont close ...

    Sell the TPQ-1200-OC or mod ? Mod it for sure

    I removed 2 of the PCIe cables and the second CPU 8pin, this still leave me a second PCIe extension and the 2 modular that i can add ( Still 8 pcie connector total ... ). I can still solder them inside if needed.

    Now with less cables on the TPQ-1200-OC, MUCH easyer to hide pretty much every cables.

    I think its OK for now.

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    Nothing special, just my everyday workhorse.

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    my updated lancool PC-K62

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    It's my last worklog i think . Enjoy

    (photo very large!!!)

    How to use Spoiler tags?
    Sorry for my english

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    Quote Originally Posted by bundymania View Post
    Say Hello to my little Fan Collection !

    Cute one, but get a girl and she will throw them away asap she can

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    Hi Guys

    I have done some downsizing recently. Decided to stick my system on air cooling for a while as I need a bit of space. I have recently been put in charge of all of the cooling and modding groups at OcUK, I thought that this would be an excellent opportunity to review some of the hardware I am looking buying.

    My biggest bug bear is putting my GTX 590 on air. It has never been ran on air ever so the prospect of taking the blocks off and dealing with a noisy GPU again is a bit of a tough pill to swallow.

    The pictures show a 680 but this is just for reference as my 590 still has its watercooling blocks on it.

    Full specification for the system is fairly simple:

    only two mods for the system:

    SSD Dual Mount mod, this involves two Silverstone SSD mounts layered on top of each other using TJ07 stand-offs

    cable braiding on the front panel cables

    The case looks superb, the colour is really smart and matches the stand of my Dell monitor well. I was really surprised by the build quality of the FT03. All of the panels are really thick and well made, it has such a solid build quality and is by far one of the nicest cases I have used.

    Here is a small modification, the FT03 only allows for one SSD to be mounted using the supplied holes. I decided I wanted to keep my drives together and came up with using the longer TJ07 stand-offs to screw in the first SSD and some nice allen head bolts to screw in the second drive. The plastic on the second ssd was fouling the side panel. this meant that I had to cut the tabs off the sides and use the holes on the bottom of the drive to mount it. Admittedly, this was a bit of a bodge job and needs sanding down to make it perfect. You can see it is a bit rough in the picture.

    Cable management in this case is easy, there is acres of room behind the motherboard tray. The only problem I encountered was that I wanted to use my Bitfenix black braided extensions for my main power cables. This was impossible because adding the braided extensions made the cable management a nightmare. It was simply too long in such a small case. I used some P Clips I had from a hardware shop to hold most of the cable routing in place. looked much better than cable ties and the screw holes for the hard drives that weren't in use were a perfect mounting point for them

    The rear panel is a fairly standard affair. I swapped the chrome 120mm grill out for a black one and exchanged the Silverstone stock fan for a 900RPM Noiseblocker BlackSilent Pro PL1 fan. This is a superb case fan and one of our best sellers. Whisper quiet with unique mounting hardware. I was mega impressed with the way the fan looks and performs. both Noiseblocker fans I used came with modular cables so I could choose either a short or a long fan cable depending on my case layout. Noiseblocker are a brand exclusive to OcUK in the UK too.

    Matching the rear fan, I went for the more powerful Noiseblocker BlackSilent Pro PLPS PWM fan. This is a PMW fan which spins up to 1500RPM and has incredible performance statistics. I would say that this is easily one of the best fans for a CPU cooler on the market at the moment. It looks superb and performs well. I used the Limited Edition Black Megahalems from Prolimatech to cool the CPU. This cooler is perfect for 2011 and looks brilliant with the 'BlackSilent' range of Noiseblocker fans. This setup ensures that my cpu cooler doesn't foul whatever memory modules I go for.

    The overall build looks great in the flesh and is very quiet thanks to the cooling configuration. I fully expect it to get much louder when an aircooled GTX 590 is in there. [The GTX 680 is just a test sample we had at OcUK to test the system with]. Overall I am really happy with the build and the components I have used have really surprised me in terms of quality.

    Big thanks to Phil for taking the photographs of the completed system.
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    Looks awesome!
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    That Swiftech Helix looks exactly like a Titan Kukri, complete to the Z-bearing. Except that the Kukri available in the US is PWM.
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    Thanks this forum
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    Hope this is alright, just wish my damned SGS3 would take less grainy pictures, ah well, you get that for phones I guess -

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    All these awesome builds. Can't wait to put mine together. This will be my first foray into serious aircooling

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