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Thread: Does it look like this mobod will let me use 6 sata ports along with some M.2

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    Does it look like this mobod will let me use 6 sata ports along with some M.2 e

    I'm looking at building a Plex Media Server and using the actual machine as also the storage device using unRaid to host Plex. I am planning on adding a bunch of HDD for storage in an array using parity and also using some M.2 as the cache. I will probably have to add a Sata card later on but for now 6 sata and a couple of M.2 should suffice for now.

    Why I'm asking on this mobod is that on my last board, when I put an M.2 card in it took up 2 of my Sata ports and kind of screwed me up a little bit.

    Thanks for any info that will help me make a decision on a board.
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    The GB website says that it has 2 m.2 and 1 shared m.2, but the specs list 4 ports, and the manual says sata ports 2/3 are connected to the m.2 (there is no sata 0 or 1)

    Page 24
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