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Thread: 3080 Ti Failed

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    3080 Ti Failed

    Hi all, need a bit of help, my son has a Palit 3080 Ti GFX card (and before anybody says its out of warranty) he had it on air but only a 1080p tv (till able to afford 4K monitor)for a xmas gift last year we got him a EKWB water block and back plate fitted it all ok then in the new year my son bought a 4K monitor but when running 4K games he started to get a hot spot so i took the card apart re did all the heat pads etc even sent a pic of to EKWB and they say all good but still getting hot spots so last week we decided to go back to air as he had not tried it on stock fans in 4K easy job water block of fans back on some thing that i have done with many cards but now the card will not post a pic in any of the outputs, been on to palit and nvidia to ask for any help and they cant or wont help as warranty is out (they wont even suggest some were to send it to be looked at and i will pay) i tried it on another pc this weekend nothing new PSU and new cables but only the lights on the fans come on so theres power there, its above my pay grade now so i would like to ask is there any were in the UK that is a very GOOD and REPUTABLE company were i can send it for repair with out the usual Bo##Ox charge you 100 to say they looked at it only to say they cant fix it but they not even taken out of the box.
    Any help would be great plz (and im not going to put it in a oven like it says on youtube before some one says do it) its a very expensive card so we want to look at every option if possible to get it working.

    Thanks all


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    Look over the card carefully for a missing or broken surface mount part.
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    Im waiting on a magnifying glass to see if i can see any dry joints etc but the card looks like new no burn marks etc im really hoping that some 1 knows were i can send it to be checked over professionally and hopefully fixed.
    But thanks for you input will go over the card again.



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