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    aTLi Eon


    Time-lapse videos of buildings being constructed or flowers blooming are incredible. Making them, though, requires a ton of recording time and editing software. The aTLi Eon Time Lapse Camera is designed to make shooting time-lapse videos easier—and it does! Atli Eon can produce a photo series into a solo time slice photo. Not only does it do timelapse, it can also record 1080P videos. In addition, it can be set up as a webcam and even used for live wifi streaming. You can also set it up as a webcam. But it could be better.

    Find out the full tech spec and details here.

    Packaging & Contents

    The aTLi EON arrived beautifully packaged into a smart smart box with outer cardbox.

    The front side of the box has has a image of cam. The white label on the side indicated the exact model inside.

    The Camera itself is packed very securely. The kit came with everything you need— the camera, battery, silicone case, lens hood, UV filter (perfect for shooting outdoors), charging cable, quick guide, attachment nut, stickers, 16GB SD card preinstalled, and a mini tripod. The memory card slot does not have access through the rubber case, which is not a big deal.

    The filter protects the camera lens from elements, prevents glare, and improves image quality in various lighting conditions.

    Silicone lens hood.

    There is a tripod. The swivel allows you to place the camera at pretty much any angle and lock it in place.

    The tripod has telescopic legs which work well if you have the space for it.

    A Closer Look

    The aTLi EON time-lapse camera comes into view. The whole is simple and delicate, and the black piano paint feels good. In fact, I knew the size was not big before I got it, but after I got the real thing, I was still a little surprised by its small size. The camera weighs only 140 gr, curls up in the palm of your hand and measures 72 x 91 x 44 mm. Also, it’s weather resistant (IP65), so just sit it in the dirt and off you go! There is only one switch button on the entire device. At the top of the camera, you need to press and hold it when switching on and off. It has no screen, but you can see your files using its live preview feature. There is an Status LED in the lower left corner of the front of the device. It will be red when the camera is turned on, and will turn green when it is turned on. The green light will flash rhythmically when it is running, so that we can know the running status of the camera through the indicator light. There is a tripod screw port at the bottom.

    On the side of the device are the Type-C interface and a external flash port. It should be noted that this Type-C interface only supports power supply and cannot transmit data. Charging time takes 5 to 6 hours. Also we can see the green Focus Mark.

    On the other side of the device is a Micro SD card slot, which supports up to 128G Micro SD card. The camera is shipped with a 16GB microSD card. Time-lapses are saved in MP4 format. There is a Built-In Microphone below it.

    The aTLi EON time-lapse camera is a product that focuses on time-lapse photography, and a large-size CMOS (Sony Exmor) is essential. The aperture of F2.8 can ensure that even in poor lighting conditions, the subject can be well displayed. The shutter speed of 1/20000 seconds to 1.4 seconds and the viewing width of 72 degrees are all guarantees for you to shoot ideal works. The videos shot with the aTLi EON time-lapse camera are all 1080P high-definition quality. The camera's integrated motion sensor can detect moving objects located up to 25ft / 7.6m away. You do the manual lens concentrate via Focus Ring. However, this is a great merit for long-term time-lapse shooting as you can make sure that the picture remains sharp and sequenced. The minimum concentration distance is an impressive 70 mm. In addition to the camera's autofocusing capabilities, operators can manually set the focus and zoom using the ATL-200's companion mobile app.

    Initialization and App

    You must install the battery before using the camera. Locate the battery compartment cover opening slot, and open the cover by pulling from it.

    Insert the battery and close the battery compartment cover.

    If you want to use aTLi EON time-lapse camera, you also need a mobile phone. The mobile phone is like the controller of the aTLi EON time-lapse camera. The aTLi camera app in the mobile phone is required for setting, adjusting, viewing the picture, etc. Both iOS and Android can be easily used. After downloading, open the app, follow the instructions in the app, scan the QR code of the camera, and easily connect to your aTLi EON time-lapse camera.

    The Time-Lapse app has a lot of settings and options! You can choose to shoot a picture every second, every minute, every 24 hours, when motion is detected, and more! With its app, you can connect different Atli cameras and shoot from different poles. When the connection is successful, the small window in the interface will display the picture captured by the camera. On the top of the interface, we can choose to use the aTLi EON time-lapse camera for time-lapse photography, and video recording. When you click the small icon of aTLi, you can choose the angle of view of the camera, which is convenient for us to adjust different shapes and angles of view when using a tripod. There are three horizontal line icons in the lower left corner of the shooting interface, we can click on it to view the camera information and some other basic settings, among which the setting of timed tasks can facilitate us to shoot some scenes that need to be recorded at a specific time.

    Click the icon of A, which is convenient for users to choose different modes in different scenes, which is a very friendly operation for some photographers or non-professional photographers. This also lowers the threshold for users, so that every user can shoot their own blockbuster. Of course, for some professional users, the manual mode can be better adjusted and set according to their own needs. In manual mode, the adjustable range is still very large. It can be seen that the tolerance of the aTLi EON time-lapse camera is still very good.

    When performing time-lapse photography, we can also adjust the shooting interval and shooting frequency according to your needs.

    aTLi Eon allows for interval-based recording with accurate timelapse shooting intervals of 0.5 seconds to 24 hours.

    After shooting, click the album icon in the lower right corner, in which you can find the videos or photos you took. At this time, these things are in the memory card of the aTLi EON time-lapse camera, you need to click to download to your phone, and at the same time you It can also be directly shared to other devices or shared on social tools, which is very convenient. You can only preview footage if you are within range of the camera's wifi channel. (You can't check on it from your desk in the office if it's at home.) It also doesn't come with any video editing software.


    This gadget is great for recording your home renovation, capture the changing seasons, plant growth, home security, wildlife environments, and much more. If you want to observe something that changes over time, this camera helps you record it in detail.

    The body cover and lens hood make handling easy.

    The video quality is superb, with sharp detail and vivid color, easily on par with what you’d get with a good camera. The video processing is also excellent, providing polished results whether you’re creating a daily security digest or a creative short video. While you can get great results with the out-of-the-box settings, the camera allows you customize parameters such as resolution and frame rate, and you can make image corrections to brightness, contrast, and white balance to ensure the best quality images. By switching off the App-controlled IR Cut filter can further improve its low light performance, such as shooting stars.

    There is a delay in moving the lens during photography, and it may be even better if there is a better anti-shake blessing.

    The system can run in an ultra low power mode for long term captures. In this case, the battery is measured in days, not minutes. Battery life may vary based on environmental conditions, operating temperature, and other factors. You will get an average 10 hours while taking a photo every 1 second, 4 days while taking a photo every 1 minute, 5 days while taking a photo every 10 minute.

    Final Thoughts

    The aTLi EON time-lapse camera brings time-lapse photography, a relatively niche image recording method, closer to ordinary consumers. In this world with developed social networks, consumers have more options for sharing content. After these days of use, the aTLi EON time-lapse camera has added a way to record life apart from the camera and mobile phone. In some scenarios, the aTLi EON time-lapse camera will be more convenient than a mobile phone. For example, if you need to use time-lapse photography to record the growth and changes of plants, it is impossible to hold the mobile phone and leave it there all the time. Sometimes you need to record the painting process. It is inevitable that calls or messages will come in in the middle, so at this time, the aTLi EON time-lapse photography camera will be a good choice. This tiny camera packed with all the bells and whistles for time lapse photography. Excellent easy to use the camera for time-lapse photography that can be used both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the included sleeve and lens hood with UV filter. Once connected, it's easy to set the time-lapse interval, time period, and even play back what's been shot so far. Setting up for a shoot, it's easy to see the focus on the cellphone's screen. The ability to instantly produce time-lapse video without having to import clips into third-party software is the main allure here, but the camera’s portability and ease of use are equally attractive. Features like the Time Slice stand out. This is a single photo generated from strips of a timelapse to show a day in a single still – very striking. Finally, when you buy the aTLi EON time-lapse camera, you don’t just get the camera itself. You also receiving multiple ways of mounting it, so you can set it up wherever you’d like it to record from. As well as the camera itself, the box contains a silicone case, lens hood, UV filter (perfect for shooting outdoors), 16GB SD card preinstalled, and a mini tripod – all ready to go! What bothered me the most was the total lack of a built-in display. To connect to the camera, you have to turn it on and wait for it to spin up its own Wi-Fi network. You connect to that, and then launch the app. We would like to see a battery that can be integrated into the device. Also there doesn't seem to be a waterproof case made for it yet.

    The aTLi Eon gives content creators an affordable solution ($200) for time-lapse shooting. With 1080p resolution, Time Slice, and superb video quality, it’s a worthwhile purchase for these folks who don’t have many other options to suit their needs. If you regularly create time-lapse videos for a YouTube channel or to follow your 3D print attempts, this camera is for you.

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