Googling 'Twins Fast Verifier' for download...(or MajorGeeks)

Twins Fast Verifier is practically a DRIVE And RAM error (with) verification tool.

How to work this small and free and clear software...the logic:
1) choose your fill value (ascii 0-255)
2) choose the ammount of the ram you would to verify (you must have the same free GB on your disk drive)
3) press start to run the verify
4) the app now will fill memory with your choosed value
5) the filled memory block now it will be copied to the your nvme/ssd
6) now the memory it will be cleared and then will be filled with the content of the file which has just been created
7) now the app verify that the value of the fields of the file and the memory cells are exacltly twins

if the contents are identical it means that everything is stable and works well.