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    Zetta Z9


    As homeowners and business owners, you will agree that we are interested in knowing what is going on with our properties and how they are used. However, sadly, unexpected occurrences or situations can occur while we are away, resulting in financial or emotional damage for us. We have all seen and heard accounts on the news about some heinous babysitters who abuse children when grownups are not there. Furthermore, we’ve witnessed employees of certain companies steal money from their employers regularly. Although there are no guarantees against such accidents, there are some measures that homes or business owners can take to minimize their risk. Investing in a video surveillance system is an excellent approach to address these issues. If you can afford it, it’s a good idea to invest in a security camera with easily hidden features. Let’s have a look at a spy camera that is compact and unobtrusive in its design like the Zetta Z9, which is small and discreet. This small size wifi security camera can do a lot of things, as long as the camera connects to the network, you can remote control and viewing via the internet when you away from the camera. By launching the APP and connecting to the room’s 2.4GHz router through WiFi, you will be able to watch live video or replays from anywhere in the world.

    Take a look at some of the specifics of this camera’s functions.

    Packaging & Contents

    The Z9 arrived inside a very small white box with the name of the unit.

    The bundle is not really impressive so aside the Z9 you will get a mini-USB cable and the user's manual in two languages.

    A Closer Look

    The cam is very small (about 5.2" X 4.0" X 3.6"cm). On all sides of the device, we find ventilation holes to keep the internals cool.

    This camera has a broad viewing angle of 140 degrees and can record video in 1080p high definition. Additionally, the camera is equipped with LDR, PIR and IR LED which allow the user to see images up to five meters away in complete darkness. Built-in microphone can let you hear the sound, quiet recording the sound. No two way intercom function.

    At the rear we can find a ON/Off switch, 3 LEDS, one MicroSD slot and a RESET button. A Micro SD card(128GB max), which must be purchased separately, can save the videos on the camera (Video format: mkv/.h264+). 1GB memory can record up to 2 hour video. Records more than 128 hours video by using 64GB microSD. The camera is charged through micro usb charging port. It can be charged by connecting to the USB port of a PC or power bank or 5V DC adapter. The 2800mAH 3.7V Li-ion battery of the Zetta Z9 is rechargeable, and the camera can not record video while it is charging. When fully charged, it can be used for about 8 hours. On the back there also is a sticker with a QR code for easy setup via app and a number for manual setup via app.


    There is Wi-Fi mode and Router mode. Z9 acts as a hot spot, smartphone needs to enable Wi-Fi to directly connect to Z9. First of all you must download the Hopeway App from Google Play store/ Apple store. Slide switch to ON position, blue LED is on.

    On the screen, create a new account if you do not have an account before. A verification code will be sent to the email, enter it in the app. Otherwise, simply login with your existing account. Enter letter and number only for the account name and password. Go to phone setting -> Wi-Fi. Connect to @IPC-xxxxxx and then go back to the Hopeway app. The app is easy to set up, just take your time. Note that the camera must be in a location with adequate WiFi signal strength to stay online.

    Then scroll down once and the camera will be added, you can watch the live view now. NO NEED to press the "Add Devices" icon. You can take photo or record video to phone in live view.

    On Router mode, the user can access Z9 anytime anywhere through the Internet. You can invite another user to connect to Z9.

    The videos captured by the Z9 spy camera can be accessed in a variety of ways. Record 15 seconds video when body heat is detected. Send a message with small video clip to your smartphone instantly when body heat is detected. Select to save video in 10 / 15 / 20 minute interval, easy upload to video websites. Loop back recording once memory card is full. Always keep the most recent scenes.

    Also you can link up to four of them together.

    Press "Rec/Play" and watch the files recorded on microSD card. To record continuously, enable "Loop" in Setting -> SD Card Recording -> Loop.

    Set to "Disable" if not to record voice.

    Set to "Night mode" if the environment is dark. IR LED will be on automatically.

    Custom activity zones that you can set for the motion sensor.

    ZA1 Reactivator

    The ZA1 Reactivator solved the problem related to the new power bank/external batteries that go into stand-by (therefore substantially not supplying power to the cam anymore) when the battery of the cam is fully charged the first time. Here comes the ZA1 Reactivator which, by means of a timer and a relay, reactivates the Power Bank/External Battery every 2 hours, thus allowing a series of timed recharges of the cam that in this way it can work for many days without any other intervention. The ZA1 is suitable for all devices with rechargeable batteries that absorb from a minimum of 100mAh to a maximum of 3A when charging.

    The ZA1 has a Micro-USB socket (connect to the powerbank) and a USB socket (connect to the device to charge). The ZA1 Reactivator turn off when the detected absorption drops below 100 mAh (when the battery charge level of the connected device reaches 100%) and do not reactivate automatically, even if the absorption increases. They only start when they are disconnected and reconnected. This Powerbank will go into sleep when device under charging is fully charged.

    It comes with only a USB/Micro-USB cable.

    The ZA1 does not absorb energy from the powerbank, is powered by 3 x AA batteries (not included). With continuous use, the battery life of AA batteries is 15 days for the 400mAh dry cell battery.


    I used a 128G microSD and works great! The colors are amazing! The microphone is also efficient and picks up voices well.

    If there’s some light in the room this model doesn’t “wash out” like others of the kind do when the IR light come on.

    Final Thoughts

    The camera is very small and easy to hide anywhere. With wireless capabilities the camera is small enough to position in many spots for discreet recording. The cube shape makes it easy to stand by itself. The Zetta Z9 Spy Camera is simple to set up and operate. App was easy to install. Effortless syncing between camera and app. The application has a user-friendly layout for the operation of the camera. The camera has storage capabilities with the purchase of cloud syncing or micro sd which can be inserted into the camera. Motion detection capabilities were on point with app notification. I really appreciate the custom activity zones that you can set for the motion sensor. As far as battery life the camera lasted for several hours before needing to be charged. Would have been better if the charger is type C but I'm sure future models will eventually be using it. 140-degree wide angle provide a very large view even in a small room. The 1080 HD gives you decent clear video. Also has good night vision quality. The camera has light sensor so the night vision is automatic. You can turn it off by touching the icon of night vision in the App if not needed.

    All and all this is an excellent little micro camera. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to monitor your home, car or shop and need to see the video in real time the Z9 might be for you. The Zetta Z9 has an MSRP of $109. You also get Zetta's one-year manufacturer's warranty.
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