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Thread: Attached Images merged with old

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    Attached Images merged with old

    I merged attached images and got everything working great all the way back to 2002.

    XS is now over 200K images 10GB in size.
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    This is exciting stuff! I saw your comments and commented on the FB page. I bought an MSI Z690 Edge and 12900. Overclocker.c0m is still doing board build and chip series threads so I'm reading up on the Z690 DDR 4 builds. There are more than a few Xtreme veterans there. Perhaps moving forward, we can begin to start motherboard build ("The official Gigabyte XXX XXX" etc.) threads again? I was an early adopter on X299 and I could have been a thread starter. My next early adoption and build is being posted here. OUT OF NOWHERE, an enthusiast I've been in contact for 15 years texted me and said, "This xtreme systems guy seems like he's putting in work". The effort and care you're putting in here is inspiring and not going unnoticed! Others have to be noticing. Thank you.
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