TerraMaster, a professional brand that specializes in providing innovative storage products for home, businesses and enterprises, presents its line-up of 8-bay storage servers designed to meet the needs of modern businesses for enterprise virtualization, data-intensive applications, and service continuity. TerraMaster’s Rackmount NAS Series is equipped with the latest technologies and advanced securities to deliver efficient performance with excellent data security making it ideal for business and government use.

The TerraMaster 8-Bay Rackmount NAS Series support up to 1000 user accounts with RBAC rights management and Windows ACL. This allows easy user and access rights management. The 8-Bay Rackmount NAS Series supports 2.5” and 3.5” drives and comes fitted with four RJ-45 1GbE LAN ports. All models also come with one PCIe 3.0 X16 slot and two PCIe 3.0 X8 slots offering expansion flexibility for 10GbE NIC cards or dedicated RAID cards.

Efficient Intel Quad-Core Processors

The TerraMaster 8-Bay Rackmount NAS Series is equipped with Intel quad-core processors of up to anenterprise-classIntel Xeon E-2224that’s designed for 24/7 operation. Enterprise-class processors are exceptionally reliable compared to its consumer-class counterpart.

Expandable Memory

The TerraMaster 8-Bay Rackmount NAS Series is equipped with 8GB of DDR4 memory, expandable up to 64GB (4x16GB). It also supports Error correction code memory (ECC memory) that offers superb security and stability making it ideal for critical databases.

Flexible PCIe Expansion

Configure three PCIe 3.0 expansion slots for multi-channel 10 Gigabit network cards (2 SFP + ports), SAS expansion cabinet, and hard array RAID cards.

Advanced Security

Featuring the enterprise version of the TerraMaster TOS, get access to advanced security features including password login, https access, firewall, and AES256-bit disk encryption security protection mechanism.

Designed for Business and Government

With flexible configuration options, the TerraMaster U8 Series 8-Bay Rackmount NASproducts are ideal for a wide application of data storage projects from businesses to government that deals with very sensitive data.

Flexible and Scalable

The TerraMaster U8-322-9100 enterprise-class 8-bay networked storage server delivers a cost-effective data storage solution for various business and governmentstorage needs. It is powered by an efficient quad-core Intel processor with 8GB of DDR4 memory, expandable up to 64GB. TerraMaster U8-322-9100 8-bay RackMount NAS is ideal for startups on a budget at $1,899.00.

The TerraMaster U8-522-9400 enterprise-class 8-bay networked storage serveris ideal for growing businesses with its more capable Intel Core i5 processor for $2,299.00. The TerraMaster U8-722-2224, on the other hand, comes with an Intel Xeon processor, ideal for businesses with demanding storage needs for $2,599.00.

All of the models are highly scalable, merge two or more TerraMaster rackmount servers to create a server cluster or a multi-node rackmount server for data redundancy or storage expansion.

Learn more about the TerraMaster U8 Series 8-Bay Rackmount NAS products, please visit the links below.

TerraMaster U8-322-9100 (Intel Core i3 + 8GB DDR4)

TerraMaster U8-522-9400 (Intel Core i5 + 8GB DDR4)

TerraMaster U8-722-2224 (Intel Xeon + 8GB DDR4)

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