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Thread: Sandberg Powerbank USB-C PD 20W 20000

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    Sandberg Powerbank USB-C PD 20W 20000


    While mobile gadgets have greatly improved in almost all aspects, batteries seem to have not kept up with the pace. Without ample battery life, your device will be useless to begin with. It may not even last a day, especially when used for activities that can deplete battery life faster. High capacity power banks aren’t thought to be the most useful types of portable chargers on the market and that’s because they have a larger size and a heavier weight than lower capacity power banks. However, that’s really the only difference between low and high capacity chargers. Overall, high capacity power banks are the more useful type of charger that you can purchase and that’s because, well for one, they have more power capacity that you can use and they also have more charging ports. This Sandberg Powerbank USB-C PD 20W 20000 with USB-C just goes to show that a high capacity power bank can actually be a better option than mini ones. Also the charger, despite its higher power capacity has quite a small size that you can still take anywhere that you want.

    The Sandberg Powerbank USB-C PD 20W 20000 has the following specifications:

    Packaging & Contents

    The Sandberg Powerbank USB-C PD 20W 20000 come in a nice retail box. On the front there is a large photo of the unit. The overall design is eye-catching and definitely something that would be a nice looking gift.

    Moving at the rear we find a few words about the product in 24 languages right over the bundle contents and the product specifications.

    Inside the box you will find the user manual, and a 30 cm USB-A to USB-C cable. The device doesn’t ship with a wall adapter.

    A Closer Look

    The matte black aluminium design is attractive and the Sandberg logo isn’t obtrusive. The size of this power bank is one of the best parts of it, right next to the powering capabilities that it has. The charger has a length of 14cm, a width of 6.5, and it has a thickness of 0.9 inches. The weight of the charger is 466gr. So the charger is actually not very large and the only thing that makes it seems quite large is the weight. You can place this power bank into your pocket but you’re not going to want it there for long, and most of the time you’re going to be setting this power bank down if you’re charging multiple devices at once.

    Here’s all that and the input/output ratings. All in very hard to read print on the back of the device.

    At the top of the power bank is the power capacity display. The easy to read display battery level indicator is a nice touch as it allow you to see at a touch of the power button how much charge you have remaining in the battery.

    There is a button on the right side that will display the battery status when pressed.

    There are a total of three ways to charge from this Sandberg Powerbank USB-C PD 20W 20000. It has a USB-C port that can be used as an output and there are two USB-A ports. The two USB-A ports are standard ones that has a standard fast charging speed of 5V/3A. The USB-C port on this Sandberg Powerbank USB-C PD 20W 20000 has a 5V/3.0A (20W) charging speed and you can use a USB-C to USB-C charging cable to charge USB-C compatible smartphones, tablets and few laptops with it. There are surprisingly two ways to recharge this power bank and we’re “surprised” simply because Sandberg could have just made the USB-C port the only input and called it a day. That said, the USB-C port is one of the input ports and it has a 5V/3A recharge rate. It has also an Micro USB input with 5V/2A recharge rate.

    Built-in safeguards protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging.


    Just like all high capacity power banks after their conversion, this charger still has a good amount of power left to use. The average output capacity that you’re able to use is about 15,000mAh and this is great for charging smartphones, as most smartphones these days have a 3,000mAh battery and you can, therefore, get about five full charges if you’re solely charging a smartphone from this power bank. On the tech side, this power bank does get a little warm if you’re charging multiple devices at once, and by multiple devices, we mean that if you’re maxing out the charger by charging three devices at once. Charging two devices at once does not make it warm. The Sandberg Powerbank USB-C PD 20W 20000 does not come with a wall adapter. This is becoming more common. The devices you want to power up already came with an adapter, and Sandberg’s goal is help you minimize what you need to carry around. The first thing you’ll want to do is to top off the charge on the Powerbank USB-C PD 20W 20000. You can use the included Micro-USB cable, but if you have a USB-C cable and adapter you’ll want to use it as it will up the charging speed to a full 20 watts, significantly reducing charge time. A full recharge takes about 5.4 hours- more or less is what I saw during the review period.

    There’s not a whole lot to cover here because the Sandberg Powerbank USB-C PD 20W 20000 just works. That the first necessity of a reliable battery. The main devices I need to power up on the go are a MacBook Pro, iPad Pro and Pamu Slide earbuds (all with USB-C). My iPhone, Apple Watch and Bose Frames (which I use for cycling) all have their own connector cables with USB-A power ends. The Sandberg Powerbank USB-C PD 20W 20000 is able to charge all of these without issue. A single USB-C cable lets me charge the Sandberg Powerbank USB-C PD 20W 20000, and then recharge any of my USB-C devices. Sure I still have to carry 3 specific cables for my smaller devices, but that’s a lot better than 6 specific cables and numerous wall adapters. The next thing that falls into the ‘just works’ category is the Sandberg Powerbank USB-C PD 20W 20000 starts supplying power upon connection. This is a good thing in my opinion because If it’s connected, it’s charging. In fact, the only thing the power button does is display the charge level on the unit’s display. If you want to stop charging you need to unplug it. It also has no issue charging multiple devices at the same time with the only caveat being only a single USB-C device can charge at a time unless you have a USB-A to USB-C cable. It’s not a small battery being pretty close to an iPhone Max in length and width, but it should give you plenty of power on the go and the ability to charge multiple things is exactly why you’d want a battery of this size in the first place. If you’re flying anytime soon, TSA allows batteries of 100Wh or less in your checked luggage or carry-on. The Sandberg Powerbank USB-C PD 20W 20000 has a Rated Capacity of 74Wh, which is under that limit.

    Final Thoughts

    The build quality of this Sandberg power bank feels absolutely solid and this is something that you can expect from most of Sandberg’s products, to begin with. The casing being made out of aluminium. The top has an etched design and the siding feels well-placed. LCD Screen makes it easy to know easy how much power is left in the powerbank instead of relying on LED lights. Also, using the charging ports feel quite premium because the charging cables hold very well in the charging ports. With its many charging ports, high power capacity and two input ports, this charger can be reliable for anyone that’s looking to charge their USB chargeable devices. That said, because of it’s use of having a USB-C and Micro-USB input port.

    Overall for a backup battery, this is a great choice. It won’t add significant size to your backpack but will provide extended battery life. The fact it offers multiple charging points is excellent for friends with different devices. Proving once again that a high capacity power bank can still be a lot more useful than a mini power bank. As I mentioned before, this product just works. The only thing I can find to call out Sandberg on is the ridiculously long boring name of this product. If your kit would benefit from 20,000mAh of back up power you should take a closer look as this is a great value for the 53.99 dollars. Sandberg does have a strong reputation and also includes a 5 years warranty which covers your device if something happens during regular intended use of the Charger.

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