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    HyperX Cloud II Wireless


    Whether you are playing games on a computer or on a PS game console, a high-quality gaming headset is a must-have equipment, which can help you win a higher winning rate. However, because the wired headset will make your desk messy, it will hinder your operation during the game. Therefore, wireless gaming headsets come into play. This is a major trend in peripheral product design in recent years, but keybords, mice, headsets, and gamepads have gradually moved towards wireless. In addition to meeting the needs of players, players can elso use good e-sports gaming headsets to make the game performance more exellent, and will double your gaming experiens with exellent sounds quality and maximum comfort! The known brand HyperX once again launched the HyperX Cloud II wireless headset. The Cloud II wireless headset not only continues the original Cloud II design, but also supports 7.1 virtual surround sound effects, up to 30 hours of battery life, and brings players a long-term audiovisual feast. And combined with long- term powerand stable 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, it is almost no problem to spend a whole day on a single charge, and the transmission range is up to 20 meters, so there is no need to worryabout the signal range being too small and being interrputed by interference. Then let's experience it together!

    HyperX Cloud II has the following specifications:

    Packaging & Contents

    The front of the box has a picture of the headset, along with a description of some features. From the get-go, the HyperX Cloud II wireless arrives in a familiar yet exciting package. The box has an appealing look to it thanks to the white and red color schemes. There are a few black accents here and there.

    At the back of the cardboard box are a few highlighted features of the headset, translated into 10 different languages. The headset is certified by two popular voice chat software, Discord and TeamSpeak.

    All of the features are also printed on the left side of the box.

    On the right side we find a few words about the NGenuity software.

    After cracking open the box, you’ll see a welcome pamphlet and a quick start guide.

    Accessories include manual, microphone, Type-C cable, microphone sponge cover, 2.4GHz USB transmitter. The Type-C cable is mainly used for charging, but the length is only 50 cm, which is a bit short.

    A Closer Look

    Cloud II Wireless inherits the appearance elements of Cloud II, but the wireless version seems more streamlined and has a better texture. The overall color is black and red, which is brighter and equipped with a metal bracket. Cloud II Wireless adopts an aluminum alloy structure. The weight of Cloud II Wireless without a microphone is only 300g, which is quite light, and it is less burdensome to use for a long time.

    The frame is made of aluminum alloy, and there is a HyperX logo on the top of the earmuffs.The top is covered with leather and has HyperX branding on it. On both sides, there is a red-edged line, which looks good overall. The stitching process of the stitching is very neat.

    The upper part of the inner head is covered with memory foam, and the outer part is also covered with artificial leather, which is consistent with the earmuffs.

    The joint between the aluminum alloy frame and the earmuffs is adapted to adjust the angle, which can be ergonomically worn and has better comfort. The headband frame is relatively soft and can be easily twisted, and has a higher degree of adaptability relative to wearing. The speaker shell is made of black frosted material, and the word HX is red.

    The earphone holder is made of metal, and the two ends have L and R logos on the inside. The earphone holder can be extended up and down, and the length is 4cm.

    The earphone can be rotated slightly in the vertical direction. Both sides of the headband can be adjusted in height. There are eight adjustable sections, and the sense of section is obvious. HyperX CLOUD II Wireless adopts a brand-new unit and large sound cavity design, and the sound quality performance should be much better than the previous generation product.

    On the left side of the headset are functions such as switch, mute, charging port, and MIC jack. The earmuffs are covered with memory foam and artificial high-grade leather. They have good elasticity, which can increase the effect of wrapping, strengthen the sound insulation effect, and keep warm in winter. But the during summer may be hotter.

    There is only a volume knob on the right, which is relatively simple.

    The microphone can be installed according to the needs of use. It is located on the left side and can be removed when the microphone is not used for listening to music or watching movies. It adopts electret condenser microphone with two-way noise reduction function. The white ring at the front has a light effect.

    When the microphone function is turned off, it will display red, and when the microphone is turned on, there is no light effect. The microphone frame is soft and bendable, and the radio position can be adjusted.

    NGENUITY Software

    The Cloud II Wireless headset can be further customized, using the NGENUITY software. Our sample is updated to firmware version You can enable/disable the virtual 7.1 surround sound and mic monitoring (sidetone), as well as adjusting the volume levels for the headset and microphone. The battery percentage is shown on the top right corner. It lacks advanced features, such as Equalizers (EQ) presets or built-in microphone filters. The Ngenuity software is not required to be used and can be ignored for the most part. It’s a lightweight app but HyperX definitely needs to add more features to support their hardware.


    The wired version of the Cloud II is known around the world for its excellent value proposal, offering a nicely balanced sound along with a reliable build quality and superior comfort without any gimmicks driving up the price. I've already established that the build quality and comfort of the wireless version is on par with its wired edition but of course the sound that it delivers is going to be a decisive factor in deciding whether or not this is worth it, and if you're looking for the short answer I've got it here for you: yes it's worth it. The Cloud II Wireless uses two 53mm drivers that offer a fairly neutral frequency response, which means that the audio reproduction is largely untainted by any optimization by HyperX. This allows the drivers to render audio closer to the intended recording, with excellent control over all the frequencies across the board. I put the HyperX Cloud II Wireless through its paces, making stops on a PC, an Xbox One, and an iPhone. I first fired up Battlefield. I noticed that the closed design of the headphones all but eliminated ambient noise, which was fantastic. Then I started playing and was impressed with the rich, textured sounds of the game. Explosions and gunfire sounded crisp and concussive, while softer sounds were still evident as we trekked through brush and over gravel. And this was before I hit the button for 7.1 virtual surround sound. With it enabled, the audio field felt greatly expanded. I couldn’t discern seven distinct channels, but I had a better sense of the direction and the distance of the sounds in the game.

    I then plugged the headset into an XBox One controller and played Star Wars: Battlefront. In stereo sound, the Assault on Endor featured lush sound with large explosions ping-ponging between the left and right channels with the dialogue between players remaining clear throughout. After my gaming tests, I used the headset with an iPhone to test out call quality and music playback. The bass thumped on Kendrick Lamar’s “King Kunta” while the mid and high tones stayed crisp. I made a few phone calls to test the mic and were told we came through loud and clear. In fact, I was almost too loud and too clear and was told that I sounded better after I moved the mic away from our mouth so there was about two inches in between it and my maw. The microphone has a built-in monitoring function. After you turn it on, you can hear your own speaking voice. It can be used to monitor your own speaking volume. Sometimes, if you do not hear your own voice, the closed earmuffs may affect the speaking volume quality. It is quite practical for the game team. The Cloud II Wireless also does a pretty good job of blocking out other noises. As for its wireless connection, HyperX says the Cloud II Wireless range is up to 20 meters (around 65 feet). In my testing, I couldn’t even find a place in my 1,000-square-foot apartment where the audio cut out, so I had to physically leave my home and walk down to the elevator on my floor before sound began to drop.

    Final Thoughts

    The HyperX Cloud II Wireless are well-built and are still the same ol’ reliable comfortable gaming headphones that they were back then. The overall weight is 300g so it is still light and less stress-free when worn for a long time. Plus, their sound quality remains to be as detailed as ever. HyperX Cloud II Wireless is an obvious advantage, and it is transmitted through 2.4GHz, and the distance range is relatively large. For example, if you are listening to music or chatting, you can move around the room without being affected. The endurance is also sufficient. It can be fully charged for 30 hours. Sure, it has no RGB and there aren’t many options to tinker through the software, but if you are looking for functionalities and simplicity, you won’t be disappointed gaming with HyperX’s new headset. Also the USB-A to USB-C charging cable that comes included is only about two feet long, which means it’s not really long enough to use if you want to use the headset while it’s charging.

    With a price tag of $150, the Cloud II Wireless is also slightly more expensive than some of its budget wireless competitors. But to me, that’s not really a big deal, because everything the Cloud II Wireless does, it does well. The HyperX Cloud II Wireless is attractive for many reasons, including its modular and comfortable design, premium build quality, great 7.1 surround and stereo sound. It's also great for laptop gamers since it obviates the need for a dedicated sound card, and overall is one of the best headsets I've ever used.

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