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Thread: Need Help Bypassing LD Cooling Control Panel

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    Need Help Bypassing LD Cooling Control Panel

    Hello Everyone,
    I have a Little Devil cooler with case ( The electronic control panel works the following way. The start button starts a four minute countdown that finally starts the compressor. Once -25 C is achieved, it starts the motherboard. Also, when the computer shuts down, the eight seconds later the compressor will shut down. There is a computer switch wire that you run from the control panel to the two prongs of a 12v fan port on the motherboard. It uses this running voltage to determine that the PC is running.

    The problem is that the installed motherboard goes through boot loops and memory training shutdown/restarts and it's triggering the shut down mechanism on the control panel so the compressor is turning off. Meanwhile, the MB still is trying to run. I need to bypass this and want to manually control the shutdown of compressor. Not understanding the exact nature of the switch, I thought perhaps the 12v current was originating from the control panel, and being looped back via the fan hub on the MB. So I thought all I might have to do is use a jumper (or Normally Open case switch) on the control panel "fooling" it to think the MB board is always on. That didn't work. Obviously, the 12v loop is originating at the MB fan port and being fed to the control panel.

    I'm hoping some one familiar with these things might have a solution to properly bypass this control panel feature. Would accept totally bypassing the control panel if necessary. I have reached out to LD and there is no response.

    Thanks for reading.
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    take the jumper off the motherboards "power" and use a paperclip to manually start it.
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