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Thread: 8700K voltage and load temp advice

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    8700K voltage and load temp advice

    I have an 8700k with an nh d15 @ 4.7 GHz at 1.25 vcore and im not really sure what these chips need for 4.7 ghz so if anyone could give me an idea i don't need anything higher than 4.7 anyway my board gave it 1.4 volts auto and i lowered it to 1.25 and its stable and in time spy extreme cpu test i get a max load temp of about 85c in normal gaming about only 70 to 75 c

    i have not tried lower than 1.25 volts yet and its hot here ambient around 80 degrees in my room
    BTK is my initials if you were wondering.

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    A helpful resource for voltage/frequencies for cpu's is the "Silicone Lottery Historical Binning Statistics". Silicone Lottery bin chips for their overclocking capability and then sell them for a fee above the msrp. They use a minimum 240mm water cooler. They list 1.375v for 4.8 all Core, non AVX. From what I've heard for Coffee Lake, chips are @1.20ish v for stock voltages. The voltage a particular cpu 'needs' are based on the stability parameters you've set while maintaining safe temps. The less voltage for stability for a given overclock the better. I always try to apply the minimum voltage for a given frequency and stability for even better temps though your voltages and temps are all within acceptable ranges.



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