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Thread: X570 Aorus Pro modded UEFI

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    X570 Aorus Pro modded UEFI

    Gigabyte modded AM4 X570 / B550 UEFIs

    This seems to be the best place for this thread, the point in this firmware is the same as it is for what I've done for the GB X370 boards; to add some polish Gigabyte don't want to do themselves. Feel free to post here with your experiences etc.

    EDIT: Well this is an interesting turn of developments. I'll avoid too many specifics for now but apparently there is an EVGA XOC rep, EKWB rep, and Aorus rep actively trying to get me banned from a certain Facebook group, I have no idea what the the former two would have beef with me for never done anything to them so I assume they are just buddies of the Aorus rep as for the Aorus rep I think we can guess the deal there, they don't like people like me taking in-depth looks at their hardware and telling people both the good and the bad in an objective, unbiased review based on all available information. You accomplished nothing with this move Gigabyte, to me you are so insignificant I wouldn't even bother scraping you off of the soul of my boot should I step on you.



    Cleaned up some options names
    Renamed some options so it is clear what they are
    Removed duplicate options
    Moved some options to where they make more sense to have them
    Added detailed descriptions for numerous options. Eg; Proper descriptions for memory timings
    Reconfigured Failsafe and Optimal settings for better compatibility with some hardware
    Tuned default fan control so it's hopefully less monotonous for people customising them
    Corrected numerous typos made by GB/AMD
    NVRAM is automatically reset when firmware updates
    Boot Block is automatically updated with firmware update
    Renamed Plug In Devices Info to Hardware Explorer
    Disabled Q-Flash checksum check so you can flash as you would any other firmware


    Fixed USB keyboards not waking from sleep mode in the UEFI
    Fixed USB LED mouse mats not powering down when the system is shut down (for some dumb reason ErP isn't enabled by default)

    Added Stuff:

    Force expose Re-Size BAR option (This option was not showing itself with BAR capable hardware, at least not for me)
    Added fTPM configuration
    Added ACPI configuration
    Added PCI Subsystem Settings
    Expose Windows 10 Features option
    Expose compatibility support module option
    Expose display resolution option
    Added Chipset Settings menu
    Added I2C Configuration
    Added UART Configuration
    Added chipset configuration
    Added SATA Configuration
    Added Fusion configuration
    Added Chipset options

    To Do:

    Fix/clean up AMD CBS


    X570 Aorus Pro F33c-M2
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    Modded X570 Aorus UEFIs



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