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Thread: 2021 Formula Boinc SPRINT Team Support Sign up. Who is in, who is not

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    2021 Formula Boinc SPRINT Team Support Sign up. Who is in, who is not

    Hi, In 2 days the 2021 FB sprints start, 3/18/21. The spring project gets announced tomorrow.
    Post here if your in! -,299....html#msg88594

    2021 Formula Boinc -

    This page is designed to see who is in and who is just crunching. It's not mandatory and everyone can crunch any project for any reason. This is your choice and yours alone.
    But we have won the last 2 years but came in 2nd to Gridcoin.
    Gridcoin is gone...... :clap-grin:

    This year is special, Gridcoin is out and it would be nice for XtremeSystem to show we still are a force to be reckoned with. To take the Gold. The competition is tough this year and we need as many members as possible to participate (if possible) to win.
    Plus if you never participated in the sprints they are a lot of fun, you learn alot about yourself and your systems, so if you can, give it a try.

    If we win again this year we will get the Gold, not the Silver under Gridcoin. This is a big moment for XS.

    If we can come together "as a team" and hit these sprints "as a team" we will be Victorious.
    But it's up to each member to decide, we will fault No One for not participating and just crunching their project of choice for any reason. So just post here if your in!

    This thread is designed to give the Core Members a better idea of the XS Members we can count on in the FB Sprints. This will help with our strategy and tactics, so if your in please make a post here. We are available at any time to help with any Questions, Best selection of tasks inside each project to maximize your total points and wu's for your individual rigs, config files and more or anything you have on your mind.

    So if you have a competitive spirit and have the time to play, the Formula Boinc sprints are the best place to have some real fun "as a team".

    Disclaimer: We know that everyone has been hit with life challenges, so if you can't play, don't worry we still appreciate your participation on the XtremeSystems Team.

    Thanks for your support!
    Team Loudmouth (not the only one, you know who I mean)

    Respect to all for crunching.
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    Well, this forum is working well lol.

    For anyone reading...we are neck and neck with Planet 3DNow! in this Sprint on SiDock@home. Any contribution is appreciated...

    Make sure you join for team XtremeSystems...
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