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Thread: No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away.

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    No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away.

    A Terry Pratchett quote That I hope holds true for me

    There may be some that wonder what happened so

    First diagnosed cancer Oct 19 Prepped in Nov, Treated in December.
    By mid 2020 I knew that it had started to spread so a new treatment started not to stop it but to slow it down.
    By end of year it was clearly not working
    So my friends, it is soon to be goodbye.
    I have been told that my life expectancy is short
    My consultant has suggested that typically with people in my situation 25% will live for less than 4 months, 50% will live for 4 to 8 months and 25% may live a bit longer.
    Clearly then I need to make preparations and one of those is saying my goodbyes
    I met a whole bunch of good guys on this forum I am pleased to say, so a truly happy experience
    If you think of me then hug your kids and grandkids just a little more and keep a smile for me.
    It comes to us all ......just a bit sooner than I hoped for me

    I remain a forum friend

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    Sorry to hear, Mike.

    Hoping that the stats are wrong like they were for others and that you get to live life the best you can.

    Much love, Brother.

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    Oh man Mike, so sorry to read this.

    Love you man !

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    Thanks for letting us know and thanks for the many years here on XS.

    You will always be a legend here.

    I am glad you had a chance to update us and when you go, please say hi to Dave for us.
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    Thank you for your post. May God bless you, and your family. While I don't know you, I suspect thank you've touched many people. Allow me to thank you on their behalf for something you never asked for.

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    Wow I haven't logged on in years and this was the first thread I saw. Thank you for all you've done for me and others here.
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    Same situation as shoota above. Accidentally clicked my old bookmark and figured I'd check the WCG forum after so long. Sorry to hear of your situation, OldChap. I know from my old days here that's you're a good man. Live free, be happy. Best of luck pal.

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    Sorry to hear about your condition. This sucks. Great men seem to leave us sooner than us average men. I miss MM, who taught me so much on building a solid PC. You will be missed! Given my age and health, am sure my time will come soon. Will see you in the clouds. Fight it as long as you can. My old boss said something to me before he passed with cancer that has stuck with me. He said at his age, he spends more time going to funerals than anything else. He is right.

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    I regret to inform you all, that our dear friend and team member Mike (OldChap) passed away yesterday with his family by his side. May his ripples never fade.

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    Fly high, Mike. I regret not joining this community early enough to know you well, but you'll always be in the memories of friends.

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    Cya, Mike

    Say hi to Dave and others for us.

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