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Thread: PSU for 3090 quick question

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    PSU for 3090 quick question

    I have this psu will it be enough for a asus tuf 3090 and just an 8700k no overclocking
    BTK is my initials if you were wondering.

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    Maybe. It is right on the edge and depending on the model of card, its "stock" clocks, and the age of the PSU caps it may need an upgrade. The 30 series cards can spike a psu so some of the cards need a 900-1000W.

    You should also OC the 8700k with at least multi core enhancement. Those things chug at actual stock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BTK View Post
    I have this psu will it be enough for a asus tuf 3090 and just an 8700k no overclocking
    RTX 3080 and RTX 3080 are hungriest Single-GPUs i have ever seen. recently i tested RTX 3080 TUF Gaming with 8700K @ OC and non-OC mode and i`ll tell you the results of total system power draw through wattmeter:

    OC mode:
    8700K @ 4.7GHz - 1.28v
    CoolerMaster V850

    system power draw (Furmark 4k & OCCT 7.1.0 power test (AVX2)): 670w

    default mode:
    8700K - stock
    CoolerMaster V850

    System power draw (Furmark 4k & OCCT 7.1.0 power test (AVX2)): 568W

    This test method extracts the maximum power consumption of system in worst and heaviest scenario that you will not visit it in gaming.

    RTX 3090 has about 30w higher power consumption, so the numbers will change to 700w and 600w. if we consider your usage in stock mode (600w), i suggest you buying a minimum 850w PSU. remeber, you should take the worst condition



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