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Thread: Does Intel Xe multiGPU will be supported by current HW?

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    Does Intel Xe multiGPU will be supported by current HW?


    I am looking forward an upgrade of my PC. Planned to start from GPU,PSU but no joy this year so Im turning to the rest of parts, meanwhile I found about this upcoming Intel graphics with multiGPU support. So I got that Intel Pcie card will work together with integrated GPU if its Intel CPU but can you tell if this suppose to work on current tech? If I get now one of these -lake CPUs and z490 motheboard should that work, can you tell?

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    They had said it was for multiple gpu on one card. Desktop cpu will also not have the Xe igpu until they go 10nm and even then it looks like it will be optional. We also learned when AMD did this that system memory is too slow to make this work.
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