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Thread: 4200 CL16 2x16 Gb on Micron E die

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    4200 CL16 2x16 Gb on Micron E die

    With 1.5375v DRAM, 1.25v CPU, and 1.15v VCCIO.

    This seems to have only been possible after burning the sticks in for a while at my previous 4133 CL16. Initially I couldn't get 4200 stable at much looser secondary timings too.

    4266 17-24-24-42-700 1.55v still errors before 10 loops, and 4300 freezes before 5 loops. CL18 also doesnt allow for any more stability.

    5.1 Ghz on my 10900K isn't 24/7 stable, I already tried up to 1.3v using a corsair H115i in a mini ITX build and I cant push any more in terms of temps and I'm guessing I would need much better cooling and lower temps to get any higher stable.

    Micron do sell 2x16 kits binned up to 4400 1.35v, but these cost more than double what I paid for mine and I've never seen them in stock. Again I bought mine before they started binning any higher than 3200, so I dont think it would be possible to achieve the same results without at least a 3600 Mhz CL16 kit, as the best that this kit does at 1.35v is 3600 16-18-18 also. It also takes 1.4v for 3600 CL14, or 1.425v for 4133 CL17.

    The chipset and CPU also matter a lot, on Z390 this same kit could only do 4000 Mhz CL18 1.48v. The 4266 hard limit I'm getting could be due to my IMC, hence its rarely worth paying much more for higher pre binned kits.
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    Userbench run for fun, I set my CPU to 5.1 Ghz 1.27v for it, and am going to try it at that for a while again, but it used to eventually become unstable.

    I'm never sure why my hard drives perform so poorly in this test, especially since they are in raid 1 so should be a bit better than average at least.

    Also another try at 4266 ram, I tried 1.575v, and 1.2v VCCIO but still a no go:

    I was able to further lower tRFC to 600 and Dram voltage one step to 1.53125v at 4200, but none of 22-22-39 will work. I'm planning on pre ordering a FE RTX 3080 next week to upgrade my 1080 Ti too.
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    ^ are you referring to the Barracuda Drives? If so what Raid controller are you using? Software or Hardware? Is this reproducible on another system?
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