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    Simcam 1s


    Indoor security cameras are an essential part of a strong security system, but recent security breaches have made many people uneasy with the idea of having an always-on camera in their home. The SimCam 1S offers a potential solution: A hack-proof mode that utilizes strong encryption methods to make it far more difficult to hack than a standard security camera. To save you staring at your screen all day long, it has sound and motion sensors and will send alerts if either is triggered. It comes in two colors - Black and White, and no matter which room you put it in, it easily blends with the surroundings. SimCam is part of Simshine, which is Intel's primary partner in the AI field. The company even won an innovation award at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2019. SimCam started as a Kickstarter project, but soon gained over 1200 backers, who have pledged over $300,000 (well beyond its original target of $30,000) to bring the product to life.

    Packaging & Contents

    The light brown box holding the SimCam 1S is wrapped in a smart white sleeve detailing the contents.

    From the get, you can tell that the Simcam 1S offers a lot just from reading the box.

    Protected by gray foam, inside you'll find the AI camera, mains power supply adapter and 10ft lead.

    The box also contains a user guide, a wall mount, wall mount disc, and suitable 3M adhesive pad to secure it. For permanent placement, screws and securing anchors are also provided, along with a reset pin and Allen (hex) key.

    A Closer Look

    The camera have a nice sleek design with a white plastic exterior. The SimCam 1S features a rounded design. The SimCam 1s has a circular base and the camera sitting on top. It measures 121mm X 72mm X 72mm. The camera can be used outside, but it carries only an IP54 rating so you might want to keep away from too much dust and direct water exposure.

    The front face houses the camera and a couple of sensors. We can see the status LED, IR sensor and a microphone below. The camera features a 5-megapixel sensor that can record HD video in 1080p (ability to zoom in eight times) and supports night vision as well.

    Around back there's a speaker so you can actually talk to whoever is in the house. There's also a reset button and a MicroSD card housed behind a small door. On the back of the camera are the power cord port and a slot to attach the wall mount. The design of this smart home camera means you could even ceiling-mount it upside down with no problems at all. The SimCam 1S has a 360-degree panning system, with a 22-degree manual tilt too. So it's easy to get in just the right place.


    First of all you must download and install the SimHome APP to your mobile device. You can also search for "SimHome" in Google Play or IOS App Store. Open the APP and follow the onscreen instruction to create an account with your email address and login into your account. You can connect to a 2.4GHZ, as well as a 5GHz network link, for an even more reliable and stronger connection.

    As soon as the power lead is plugged in, add the camera to the app, connect the app to your home Wi-Fi, and point the mobile device at the QR code on the manual. The SimCam 1S has rolling local storage, which lets users view an entire month of activity without paying a subscription fee. Simply plug in an SD card with sufficient memory to handle a month of 1080p recording. The camera feature two-way audio. The reason why I love two-way audio so much is because it enhances your ability to communicate with the people in your life. Say you're in the kitchen and you want to talk to your kids in your bedroom, you can just click on your app and speak through your phone. If you see something you don't like the look of, you can remotely start the alarm on the cam, which rings at 100 decibels. That's awesome, right?

    The smartphone app for the camera is pretty straightforward. The app itslef is really quite good with many settings and options at hand for you to pick from and set up to your needs it is one of the better apps I have seen in a while too and easy to use we go through this in the pics below to make it easy to understand yet it is easy to navigate the app which I have tested on both Android and iOS. The camera can be also used to detect many things including outside your home by facing it out the window some cameras do not work so well in this manner but this one works fine you can also detect objects and pets and using AI it also has facial recognition and home automation. In the application, you have the possibility to review fragments of recordings of when a person, animal or vehicle was seen. These recordings are 15, 30 or 60 seconds long, and can be downloaded to your phone with ease.Users can also set up activity zones within a room. This helps avoid false alerts and allows users to focus their attention on a given space. This feature makes it easy to avoid false motion alerts from things like swaying plants or shadows. You can keep a closer eye on your home via motion detection technology. This allows you to receive alerts whenever there's someone or something detected with your smart camera's field of view, which can even alert of a potential intruder inside, or outside your home both day and night. SimCam 1S is smart enough to tell the difference between a person and a thing, notifying you with a snapshot or clip of the person detected. Facial recognition software will provide you with alerts that matter. With SimCam 1S you can create snapshots of your, or the faces of your loved ones which are then saved in its memory for future reference, so it will only alert you when an unfamiliar face is detected.The object detection technology allows you to draw a frame via live feed interface around any object you'd like to keep an eye on, i.e cookie jar. After which, you'll get alerted whenever the jar is moved, straight to your smart device.

    In terms of smart home integration, it support Alexa, Google Assistant, and even IFTTT, when paired with Echo Show, Echo Spot or Google Hub. When using Alexa or Google Assistant, you have complete hands free control over your smart camera, meaning that you can check in on your kids or the postman without even having to lift a finger. While IFTTT allows you to seamlessly connect your smart devices together, by creating applets or commands to get them to talk to each other. For example, you can have your smart light turns orange when motion is detected, or log all incoming motion alerts straight into your Google Drive for more efficient control over your smart camera. Built-in geofencing makes it easy to disable recording and alerts when you come home for even more privacy.

    When it comes to recording, the SimCam 1S doesn't disappoint either. Along with the 360-degree panning, it also has a 120-degree field of view, meaning it can see wide-angle, even taking in the biggest of rooms. It uses in-camera AI to reduce false alerts and prevent motion detection glitches and has a 4x digital zoom. It will detect movement of a person up to 60 feet away and recognize who or what causes the motion detection alert, pushing a message to the app.Its facial recognition works at a distance of up to 18 feet, analyses images at 100fps, and will detect a human image within 30 milliseconds.You can also dive into the settings and modify all kinds of things. For example, SimCam 1S can be taught to recognize family members. Simply upload the images of each person in the house to it and the system will notify you when they see them.

    At night this camera works particualry well too offering a really good look at what is being captured,The 1080p starlight night vision allows up to 50ft in complete darkness and has has literally no motion blur this is where i found the camera great and the daylight captures also top quality and no blur.

    Final Thoughts

    At $129.99, the SimCam 1S includes many of the same features of cameras twice its price. You'll have full control over the camera and its settings from the mobile app. Being able to access your live view footage from your smartphone gives you the freedom to check in on your home from anywhere in the world. You can also use Alexa or Google Assistant to show the camera images and turn off alert detection when the camera recognizes you coming home with its geofencing feature. This camera includes facial recognition up to 18 feet. The nice thing about the SimCam 1S is that you do not have to purchase a cloud subscription for storage. Set up your NAS to back up your images instead. I like the fact that SimCam 1S will work with tools such as IFTTT to control home devices using person detection or facial recognition. Simply plug in an SD card with sufficient memory to handle a month of 1080p recording. The microSD storage means videos are overwritten once the card gets full. If you have the camera in a high-traffic area, that card soon fills up, which in our experience means you need a larger capacity memory card in order to get multiple days of footage. This isn't necessarily an issue though. If you're on holiday the camera won't be recording an empty home and you should have access to the recordings you need. In addition to its security features, the SimCam 1S has a lot of interesting additions. One of the standout features is object tracking. Users can select an object within the camera's view and receive alerts if it is removed. This is great for keeping an eye on a particularly valuable item or for watching items of interest within a room. The camera can be positioned on a flat surface to monitor the space or mount on a wall or ceiling with the aluminum bracket. SimCam 1S offer a clear 1080p HD live feed, paired with its 30FPS, you can expect crisp images and vibrant footage from your iOS or Android smart device. The SimCam 1S also has 360-degree tracking thanks to its motorized gimbal. It can pan and track activity in a room, like a pet or a person walking through. Video is processed locally rather than on the cloud and is protected with bank-grade security. While nothing is truly impossible to hack, security measures like these are aimed at making the SimCam 1S incredibly secure. SimCam's starlight technology clearly shows people's faces and objects even in pitch-black darkness. You won't have to worry about grainy footage or low-quality feed during the night. The picture quality on the Simcam 1s is great. The colours are bright and vivid for the day time shots. SimCam 1S is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and has an IP rating of IP54, making it ideal for most outdoor conditions. There's a lot to like about this camera. Sure, it's not 100 per cent perfect. The motorised gimbal system that's used for the automatic panning, for example, is a touch on the noisy side and not particularly subtle. The lack of cloud storage and tilt on remote control are shortcomings, but they aren't major red flags.

    Overall, the SimCam 1S is a brilliant performing smart security system for the more premium end of the market. SIMCAM offers a 12-month warranty with this product. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that gives users the chance to try out the security camera and find out if it is right for them. Its main selling point has to be the fact the you can take advantage of all its smart features without the need to opt for any subscription plans, as well as it's impressive 360 pan that will offer you optimal coverage. The powerful A.I. and encryption make this camera a standout option in a market full of security cameras.

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