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Thread: 2x16 Gb Micron E-Die at 1.52v

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    2x16 Gb Micron E-Die at 1.52v

    ?150 for 2x16 Gb rated for 3200 Mhz 16-18-18 1.35v:

    Ballistix LT Sport. This kit was bought before they started separately binning 3600+ Mhz kits, so if you wanted similar you would need to buy at least a 3600 kit now.

    I may have been the first person to push a 2x16 Gb to 4000 Mhz back when I bought it - it did 4000 Mhz CL18 1.48v on Z390, currently doing 4133 CL16 1.5125v on Z490.

    My kit also does stock timings and volts 3600 easy, and 3600-3800 CL14 at 1.4v+.

    4133 CL17 needs just 1.425v.

    4200+ is a no go on my modules, even 4266 CL18 wont get stable, most likely limited because its 2x16 Gb, 2x8 Gb would do a lot more.

    I've already corrupted at least 5 windows installs trying to push it higher up to 1.55v or with tighter secondary timings, it wont do much better with 24/7 stability.
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    Thanks for posting. I saw your other post where you have brought all cores up to 5.1. Are you stress testing that overclock? If so, what are you using to test for stability and how long are you testing for?

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    I have some E die around here somewhere, mine hit 4Ghz for screen shot only
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    Holy spot, is that majic?



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