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Thread: 8700K temps

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    8700K temps

    I have an 8700K at 4.7 GHz and in prime with avx it hits 95c but in games it goes to 65c to 75c
    1.2v voltage and nh d15 cooler
    ambient is around 60 to 75f

    i was just wondering if these temps were ok idle is around 28c to 35c
    BTK is my initials if you were wondering.

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    delid it for better temps man
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    ^ You have to remember that AVX really hammers the CPU. This is why in the BIOS there is an AVX offset to help the CPU. If all you are doing is playing games, you don't need to delid. If you are doing more - Delid it with LM and some good TIM to see 5.1GHz-5.2GHz on that CPU :-)
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