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Thread: I want the Cryoz - Round 1 Winners

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    Thumbs up I want the Cryoz - Round 1 Winners

    First place prize: 1TB Sabrent Rocket SSD with matching heat sink.
    A random number generator will be used to deterimine, to evenly spread the field this is how the tickets are laid out.

    I want the Cryoz - First round tickets:
    0-4 Josh Berlin
    5-9 Josh Berlin
    10-14 Christopher Pfann
    15-19 Clemens N?ssler
    20-24 Isaac Winter
    25-29 Isaac Winter
    30-34 Nicolas Nicegab Gaburro
    35-39 Florian Martin
    40-44 Jonathan Imler
    45-49 James Rideout
    50-54 David Dressler
    55-59 Daryl Carter
    60-64 Kristian Henriksen
    65-69 Bartek Wojciech
    70-74 Tomislav Fures
    75-79 Luc Salmon
    80-84 Andr? Ewert
    85-89 Joel Knippare
    90-94 Marcel Ilavsk?
    95-99 Manu Pirat

    The last three rounds of the Atto benchmark will be used to determine who wins, we decided during the run the decimal places of the read will be used for the 1 ~ 100.

    64MB = 1st
    48MB = 2nd
    32MB = 3rd

    The first round is over and winners have been picked.
    And the winner is:
    1TB Sabrent Rocket SSD w/Heatsink Winner: Daryl Carter!

    Asus PCB winners: Bartek Wojciech and Josh Berlin

    Thanks Sabrent and William Harmon

    Here is the benchmark run.

    This is a link to the video of the benchmark run.
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    email sent to Daryl

    Congratz !

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