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Thread: Upgrade time.

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    Upgrade time.

    Guys its upgrade time. I've got about $1500 for Mobo, CPU, and RAM. What do I need to get?

    Would like to keep 64 GB of memory but not a requirement.

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    No room for GPU going new, look on ebay for a system with a "super". I noticed some decent machines around 2k that you can probably throw an offer at.
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    ...well he didn't mention GPU...but super always sounds promising

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    In the future include things involving workflow. Gaming PC? Encoding? Mix?

    Right off the bat grab 2 x 16GB Samsung B-Die Team Dark Pro c4 3200 kits. Dirt cheap and screaming overclocking with minimal effort, good for all work flows :p

    Is PCIE 4 of value for you, eg faster SSD speeds? If no, Crosshair VII, if yes, Crosshair VIII.

    Since 1500 is excessive for Mobo/CPU/ram on and platform, I'll just answer 3950x.

    That ram will be 260 for 32 GB, board 350ish, CPU 720ish. In under 1500ez with best you can buy parts. The balance can buy the RGB version of the ram if you prefer that.
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