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Thread: PG35VQ Best settings

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    PG35VQ Best settings

    I just got the pg35vq and let me tell you what a monitor.

    I was wondering what settings I should use at 200 hz i have rgb 8 bit but if i drop down to 144 hz ycbcr 422 or 444 at 8 bit or 10 bit

    what are the best settings for hdr games and desktop use

    any help would be appreciated thank you
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    Don't know the monitor at all...but as a general response I would say 444-10bit will give you the best eye candy (if your source material is that high quality) but if you want to go for best gaming performance go for highest refresh rates. Depends what you are after.

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    I would do whatever I could to avoid chroma sub sampling. Most games with HDR will see you not needing the extra refresh.
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