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Thread: Do I need an access point or something different?

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    Do I need an access point or something different?

    I have an AT&T router that is for my internet and is required to make my system work, so there will be no changes to that. Where I have my main router located the signal does not reach the other side of the house. I have my house wired with Cat 5a. Can I hook an access point to the Ethernet I have in the other section of the house? What would be the best way to extend the signal. I don't use the wireless much in that part, but I do use the wired access more than anything. I still need wireless though.

    I have an older piece right now that is going bad and I need to get something new.

    Any recommendations as to what people are using right now?
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    I have had pretty good luck with these;

    But they do need reset every so often. I am not sure if I am sending data across the fuse box or not in some installations but 3/3 so far has worked.
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    I have been using these, two of them.
    100% signal strength everywhere in our two-story house and out in the back yard.

    It could be a bit pricey to get all set up tho.

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