I have 2 computers one is a gtx1080ti and 8700k and the second one is a gtx1080 and 8600k

I wanted to get the may windows update so i joined insider and installed it everything went great and i reinstalled the newest drivers on both pcs and everything works great

but upon launching crysis 2 and 3 the fps is locked to around 64 fps in both games and it doesent matter what i do i have tried messing with vsync and config files and others people have these issues upon searching with google

everything else works perfect these are the only games i have an issue with and i never had this issue before so maybe something happened with the update its like a vsync bug and this happens on both pcs

the monitors and a pg27uq 144hz for the 1080ti and a pg279q 165 hz with the 1080

any help would be appreciated i really enjoy crysis series