I am about to start a new build for 2020, I have collected all the parts and then some over the past decade.

Hopefully next week, I will start breaking stuff out of storage and start documenting a bit more as I go.

Addressing some of the issues with my current three stage:
Capacity at 3rd stage is my biggest concern.
Getting it to fit into my selected box on wheels.
Running more power into my office.
-150c with 1000W capacity.
Updated block design.

I will start posting images for part selection and I will restate this offer more than once.

If you see anything that you need or could use please speak up. I have multiples of everything and I would like to see this odd hobby live on.

At some point I will put the tripple stage up for sale and it lives on another 18 years. Yes, I started the build almost 20 years ago.