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Thread: OC Stability Testing for Modern Multi-Core Processors

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    OC Stability Testing for Modern Multi-Core Processors

    I have Intel I7- 7900 and 9800 chips. In testing overclock stability I use a 12 hour run of Prime 95 custom fft and then blend. I use non avx, as my primary use is for gaming, I use a ss phase for cooling, and have an avx offset. I then run a good eight to 12 hours of memtest for ram settings. I have heard of various newer apps used for the later cpu's and am wondering if there are more 'real world' apps for stress testing that would cover my stability needs for gaming. If there are less demanding (yet adequately realistic) tests that actually are better suited to these modern processors then I would like to hear experienced opinions. If true, the ramifications might mean then that I can go higher in my total oc. I have tried ROG RealBench and would pass four hour runs and then get slapped down within the first few minutes of Prime95. Based on my actual needs/applications like gaming, am I stuck in the past and over stressing? All thoughtful comments are greatly appreciated.

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    I don't go through half that much as I have a good feeling on max overclock and settle for what the CPU can do safely with minimal bump in vcore.
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    Running Time Spy Extreme CPU test in loop is a good start to see where a OC stands. Following up with Cinebench (R15 and R20), Blender Classroom benchmark.

    I've also been trying out some other tests.
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