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Thread: Sandberg Savage Headset USB 7.1

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    Sandberg Savage Headset USB 7.1


    Hello and welcome to 2020. Our subject today is the Sandberg Savage Headset USB 7.1 which is specifically designed for gamers and PC-multimedia enthusiasts. Sandberg is a well over 35-years old Danish company that produces computer-related products such as audio peripherals, keyboards, mice, cables and much more. Altough the brand doesn't specifically pop up when we are talking audio peripherals, I have good hopes for this gamer-oriented product.

    A quick look at the specifications:

    Packaging & Contents

    The Sandberg Savage Headset USB 7.1 comes well packaged and nicely presented with a large clear plastic shell and half cardboard slip cover which gives the details of the headset while also being able to see the finished product rather than just photo-shopped images.

    A few words about the product are printed at the rear of the box in 24 languages.

    A Closer Look

    The headset's aesthetics are appealing with the mostly black design. There is a pair of strong metal wires that keep the Savage in shape. I tried twisting and overstretching the headset and it fought back with surprising force yet is doesn't feel tight when worn.

    There are two extensions with padding that will rest on your head, replacing the missing headband.

    The ear cups have the company name. The LEDs on the earcups and end of the microphone are a nice touch at this price range and add to features on this headset.

    Ear cushions are covered by fake leather and filled by regular foam, not memory foam.

    The front of the left ear cup of the Savage is where you will find the flip-out microphone which is off when closed and turns on automatically when opened up, so you can at least put the mic away if you need a private chat with someone in the room.

    It comes with basic functions controller like mic mute and LED lights (that you can turn off).The only thing that feels cheap is volume control. It's just a plastic wheel on the side of.

    In keeping up with gamer's demands, Sandberg has made sure the cable featured on the Savage Headset USB 7.1 come braided. Not only do braided cables offer a pleasing aesthetic, they are also a bit more durable than the standard rubber insulated cables.


    Sandberg's Savage Headset 7.1 is a simple plug and play device. This means that you'll simply have to connect it to your PC and you're good to go in a matter of seconds. The device does not need any additional software to be used or has no program to tweak certain settings. The biggest benefit I found was the 7.1 surround sound. This opens up a whole new immersive listening experience that is just truly amazing for both music and gaming. The first thing I did was play some of my favourite Hip-Hop and Dance tracks to see what kind of listening experience I was in for and oh my, the Sandberg Savage Headset USB 7.1 didn't disappoint. There was a nice deep bass and the mids/highs were right on point as well, with virtually no distortion at all, even when cranking the volume up as high as my PC would let me. While there may be better headphones suited for a purely music environment, these are actually designed for gaming but do offer great all-around performance.

    When it came time to load up my favourite FPS games, I couldn't have been happier with the Savage. One of the first things I noticed when gaming was the bass of the footsteps. I could hear my enemies/teammates from further away than normal and could also better judge when they were getting closer. It's actually quite amazing would a good pair of 7.1ch surround headphones can do. When it comes to the microphone, as far as I was told it is very clear and there is no distortion or horrible noises coming from it when using it. While the MIC may not be the most important part of a headset, there is nothing worse than being in voice chat with someone who has a horrible MIC that is either crackling all the time or hissing at you.

    Final Thoughts

    Testing peripherals is probably currently my favorite aspect of being a reviewer, especially when it comes to the in-game testing that needs to be done. I also love seeing what different manufacturers do to help better their peripherals, or what they offer different from others to help try and draw more attention to their products. EsportsEquipment Series is still on the rise and as such, we are getting flooded with loads of peripherals, which is OK with me. I've been using the Sandberg Savage Headset USB 7.1 for about 3 weeks now and it is finally time to wrap up the review on them with my final thoughts, so let's do it. The Sandberg Savage Headset USB 7.1 are clearly designed offer a pleasing aesthetic and performance. Just looking at them and you can see they represent good quality and comfort. The fake leather is not sweaty or itchy, there's easily enough foam padding to provide adequate comfort and the headset neither squashes, nor slips off your head. Overall, the Sandberg Savage's offer a great user experience, both when listening to music and in-game. There's a nice deep bass that was lovely for my hip-hop and dance tracks, as well as allowing me to better hear footsteps in FPS games. Being able to better determine where my enemies were based on their footsteps proved to be a very handy and helped give me the upper hand in matches. For those looking to make use of services like TS3 and VOX, the detachable MIC offers a clear and responsive sound. My teammates had no problems hearing me shout at them over TS3. Overall, the Sandberg Savage Headset USB 7.1 offer great all-around performance which is a pleasure to see from a gaming headset!

    Coming in at around $60, the Sandberg Savage Headset USB 7.1 are easily one of the best value for money gaming headsets and represent a well-worthy purchase. While primarily designed for PC gaming, they are also good for watching movies and listening to music. For the money, you are getting a headset that represents quality, both in looks and performance and the 5-year warranty offers a piece of mind. Sandberg has again proven, that no matter the price of a product, they are able to produce something that is fantastic.

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