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Thread: Overheating with low temperatures?!?

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    Overheating with low temperatures?!?

    I have a strange situation with my build.

    Worklog is here:


    My computer runs fine for about 10 minutes and shows low temperatures. Like 120 degrees F for the CPU.

    Then, without warning, the entire system powers down. Suddenly and unexpectedly.

    When I press the power button after this shutdown, it powers up briefly -- lights, fans -- then immediately powers down again.

    If I wait a few hours for the system to completely cool down, I can power it up again and it works fine for about a dozen minutes before completely shutting down without warning and refusing to power on again.

    I installed a blue screen viewer and found no blue screens at all.

    Any idea what could be causing this behavior?

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    I would suspect the power supply but you can try updating the bios.
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    I ran the self-test on the power supply and got a green light on it.

    I think clogged micro-channels on the CPU water block from the previous red-dye coolant degrading. I'm going to take apart the cpu block a second time and see what it looks like and either clean or replace it.

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    I think I may have figured it out. I reassembled the CPU block incorrectly. I had the flow across the micro channels instead of through them. And they're a bit clogged. Maybe time for a new cpu block.



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