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Thread: Some old school 3D overclocking on the cheap.

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    Some old school 3D overclocking on the cheap.

    For the XS 3d team back in the day.

    With the shed going down to -5C you could get some good temps just air cooled

    and at full load

    For 3dmark it does not matter how poor the hsf is on the video card is, it is fps from the cooler that matters

    9C drop !

    I had to keep my hand on top of it or else the amount of cfm it chucked out would make the 4kg fan fly backwards off the bench.

    You wouldn't want to catch a finger in it either

    Probably the most XSsystems case fan of all time.

    I've got the 3d overclocking bug again after all these years. I'll be on the 3d part of the forum if you want to walk on by. I've got an idea for a competition ...It will be cheap of course and perhaps some fun

    All the best.


    PS The plastic doll and the plastic bottle of wine , I sometimes even disgust myself !

    PPS Glad the forum is still "TPS report grey" so you can look at it at work ..... always a good idea by Charles.

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    HAHA That fan !!!

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    Thanks for sharing, CPU heat sinks of the GPU?
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    Hi Andy,

    Have you taken any of the older cards out for a spin recently? With a much newer cpu?
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