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Thread: How's things ?

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    How's things ?

    It's been a while since I posted here. I see I was a mod back in 2002.. before my daughter was born, she is now off to college !

    I have a hankering for some graphics card overclocking again. Should we have a fun competition to see how a really really cheap video card can do in 3dmark? Just like the good old days?

    I assume Fugger is still in charge and HardAss etc have not locked him out of the database again .....

    Man, those were the days.

    All the best


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    Hey Andy, its a bit slow. I have registration turned off keeping the database online.

    Overclocking is a bit more rare sport and sadly there are more Bronies in Ohio than there are overclockers around the world.

    CES coming up, CPU launches now, and GPUs next year. I am still busy with 3D printing and I am still overclocking when I can.

    My kids turn 5 today, its been that long.
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    Long time for sure.

    I was briefly nominated captain of the 3D Team circa 2003 or 2004. Ahh, the days when I'd open the garage door in the winter to chill the house for max-OC 3D Mark runs...

    I still OC all the systems I build (of course), but have not been involved in benchmarking in quite some time.
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    from birth to college... time flies

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    Long time indeed. I was crusing through old posts reminiscing a little. Joined these boards right after Icrontic went down. My kids also grown and out of college now. Feeling damn old at 53.

    I miss all my friends from XS. Those were some awesome days. The hobby isn't the same anymore with push button overclocking and RGB everything. But thinking back really brings back some fond memories. I loved benching for the XS team back in the day. All of my PCs are clocked, but my benching days are behind me
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    I miss the old days as well...
    Fold for XS!
    You know you want to

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    Howdy friends ! Icee still exists, great seeing the names of yore in this thread. I remember the evening having a discussion with DDTUNG and OPPAINTER about creating the 1st ever 3DMark Team,bringing together many great competitors to the cause. Victor was our voltage mod guy on the new videocards. Cooling methodology moved quickly in hose days. Almost ready to retire from being Transportation Director at our school district, with more time on my hands and $ might consider getting back in the game. Waxing nostalgic here for sure, love ya brothers !


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    Hey guys,

    It's great to see Andy, Charles, Randi and everyone else doing well!

    I saw I was last online in April 2017, missing my 10 year anniversary at XS by a month. Sorry for being a stranger for such a long time. I noticed that Charles was selling some memory at HWBOT and decided to log in here again, something I had planned to do for a long time but always postponed.
    I was demotivated after the database loss occured in 2015 (?) and so many of my threads and subscriptions were lost. I took a step back and concentrated on my job, only overclocking and posting scores at HWBOT for Country Cups. It makes me sad to see XS in the current state. I'll make sure to visit more often from now and I'll update my stickied threads in the Xtreme Bandwidth sections soon. Maybe it will help to raise activity again.

    Onwards and upwards!!

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