For us NovaLogic game fans! I was an old NovaLogic Delta Force series fan and played (my favorite) Joint Operations:Typhoon Rising back in the day. I eagerly looked forward to the release of Delta Force: Angel Falls and it turned into vaporware. Then NovaLogic and its titles were picked up by THQ Nordic and nothing is being done with the library or future titles as far as I know.

I miss the "limitless" sandbox play area and the unique gun play that was offered by their games. There is nothing really comparable today to the late 90's and early 00's in my opinion. I currently play both Insurgency and Insurgency: sandstorm because they have a somewhat feel of Delta Force with modern graphics. The PvP in comparison is disappointing though.

I found out about a game that was in development by Red Jake Studios. They were making a game called Delta Force: Leave No Man Behind. They were then going to pitch it to THQ Nordic to publish. Well, the name of the game has been changed to "Task Force Elite". I can only guess that they have made a change in the direction of the publishing. There are confirmed sniper kills out to 4000 meters! lol They're talking dedicated servers, mod tools, and custom map making. Sounds like DF and Jo to me!

You can find the studio on Youtube (trailers), the web, and FB. I'm so stoked! I want to hear from DF and JO players. This place has a lot of old school game players, so weigh in. Let me know if you do any Sandstorm as well. I wouldn't mind some back up in PvE and PvP!