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Thread: Looking to redo my old build

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    Looking to redo my old build

    Hello everyone, it's been a long time, but I am finally getting back into PC's and overclocking, gaming, etc. I have so many questions and feel like I am a complete novice again because I've been away from the scene for so long. I am not sure whether I am going AMD or Intel for the build, but I will build a high-end gaming computer. I am going to migrate my x99 setup into my server. Now, I am curious since my parts are mostly from around 2015, is anything still worth-while or will I need to replace all watercooling parts? The last thread I had, I was informed most of my parts were restrictive, minus the GPU block. I am open to all suggestions and I wouldn't mind something a little over the top.

    Currently I have the following:

    Radiator: Dual Swiftech MCR320-XP with push pull with Gentle Typhoons (id have to look up the model, I just remember they were some of the more sought after fans at the time)
    Pump: Swiftech mcp50x but I do have a MCP655 modded laying around too
    Tubing is 7/16
    CPU: Heatkiller CPU Block
    GPU: doesnt matter as it will be replaced
    I have two quick disconnects from koolance and I would like to keep a set on the system for easy upgrades and what not, but looking back I never even really upgraded so maybe I can get rid of them if they are still really restrictive.

    From what I have researched, HWLabs makes the best radiators. Would my current fans work OK on them? I have a diamastech bench table that I want to continue using, I could go with a tad wider radiator than what I have now. is push pull still the optimal setup?

    Thanks for any suggestions and help.
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    Not many active here these days.

    Anyway HWLabs makes good rads for sure. I have 2 blackice nemesis rads in my current gaming rig. 54mmx360mm and 54mmx480mm. With those two rads in my case I can run my 7 radiator fans at 600rpm for silent operation and it keeps up with gaming load while having a core I9-9900kf (all cores at 5.0GHz) and a RTX 2080 TI FE (@2100MHz) in the loop.

    Highly recommend HWLabs blackice nemesis rads. Best performance for the money for sure. I believe performance-pcs has them for $77/ea. It's not listed on there, but they come with the mounting screws needed for fans and to mount to your case. You just need to supply the fans.

    Heatkiller still is a decent CPU block as long as it fits 1151 and am4 sockets you can reuse. otherwise it needs replaced too.

    Your pump might need an update, but that's up to you. I recommend twin DDC pumps or a D5 pump. I run a D5 in my gaming rig and twin DDCs in my threadripper.

    I'd use 3/8ID x 1/2OD tubing from the hardware store it's stupid cheap there... $0.44/ft after tax from lowes. 10ft should be enough for almost any rig.

    Koolance for compression fittings and coolant. I've used their 702 coolant for over a decade and never had to clean the system once. no buildup at all, no residue left behind ever. Also their fittings are cheaper than anyone else I've seen yet they're superior quality at the same time.

    Their blocks are pretty nice too, but they don't make RTX blocks yet for GPUs. not sure if they ever will might have to go heatkiller there.

    As far as pumps go: really doesn't matter what manufacturer you go with. same company pretty much makes all of the D5 and DDC pumps.

    if you use the black ice nemesis rads from won't need push pull fans. those rads flow air very nicely and have excellent heat dissipation. if your old fans still work well: reuse them and throttle them down if you have enough space in your case for decent rad capacity.

    Suggest using fan hubs to help with cable management and buy a ball valve and plan on putting in a drain in the loop. so in case you need to service the loop for any reason you'll have a easy way to drain the loop without cutting a line or pulling a hose off and making a mess... just attach a fitting and hose the the drain valve, open the fill port, and kick open the valve while the hose is in a catch container and the system will drain with ease.
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