From WCG, May 24th 2019:
"Last year at this time we implemented our GDPR compliance changes. As part of that we also instituted a 3 year data retention policy (GDPR requires you to only hold onto data that you have a need for).

This means that if an account has no devices that have returned results in the past three years and the user has not logged in for over three years, then the account will have its data removed from the system.

In order to not surprise people, we started sending out a series of emails to accounts that are inactive every three months. For the first two years, the emails simply let them know that they have stopped contributing and encourage them to start contributing again. During the third year, the emails warn them that their data will be deleted if they don't either login or start returning results.

We waited 1 year before beginning to delete accounts because we wanted to make sure that any accounts that are deleted due to being inactive had the 3rd year emails sent warning the user that their inactive account will be deleted. Now that those emails have been sent, we have begun deleting inactive accounts starting on Wednesday of this week"
WCG is cutting inactive team members

Some of you that crunched for XS are already missing in the lists

If you want to make WCG retain your past efforts in their stats, all you have to do is either LOG IN to your account or crunch a work unit each year or two

A lot of members put a lot of effort into this so GDPR or not, we want to celebrate that historical effort and not see it disappear.

August 8th, 2019: SaM: Today has seen a huge 49 members removed. Pie will be delayed today as a result, as WCG does not inform me who has been removed and I'm having to compare lists to see who's gone. Already seen some significant contributors gone
August 10th, 2019 : SaM: sadly DDtung, along with a further 24 members, have today been removed from the team stats

Our active crunchers were able to keep Dave's (Movieman) and Loonym's accounts by using their weak key. But we don't know everyone's weak key.
If you know someone on our team weak key who passed away, or for whatever reason we can not contact him/her ... then please post them here.
We'll do our best to keep everyone from getting remove. All it takes is a couple of WUs each year or two.