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Thread: [News] MSI releases bios update that enhances Ryzen 3000 performance

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    [News] MSI releases bios update that enhances Ryzen 3000 performance

    Article Testing Methodology Update (July 8th):

    We ran our original review numbers with the latest available firmware for the MSI MEG X570 ACE motherboard last week (Version 7C35v11). On Saturday the 6th MSI had shared with us a notice about a new version coming out, which became available to download to us on Sunday the 7th, the launch day and date of publication of the review.

    We?ve had more time to investigate the new firmware, and have discovered extremely large changes in the behaviour of the frequency boosting algorithm. The new firmware (Version 7C35v12) for the motherboard contains AMD?s new ComboPI1.0.0.3.a (AGESA) firmware.

    Source - Anandtech

    It's interesting to see such a change in boost in post-release of a CPU, especially with Intel losing performance every microcode update basically due to exploits.
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    Gamers nexus also did a video on it:

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    previous results was already impressive

    That's insane



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