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Thread: Building my first Single Stage

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    Building my first Single Stage

    After 10 years of inactivity I decided to come back.

    I had an old Single Stage made by "Unseen" in the basement that was not working any more because of a leak.

    I decided to try building my own Single Stage

    I used:

    Danfoss 1/3 hp with R404a
    Condenser 140x140x90mm
    Evaporator Asetec Vapochill LS
    Desuperheater Coil
    High Pressure Gauge
    15ft captube

    Case, I used an Freezepack made by Unseen back in 2008.

    That was the compressor, condenser and evaporator in the old Single Stage...

    This is the final result

    As regards temps, idles at -55 C and with Pentium E5800 @5.0GHz at 1.7v after 27min of load keeps - 47 C.

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