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Thread: Cooler Master HAF 922 Front RAD

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    Cooler Master HAF 922 Front RAD

    So, this kinda escalated quickly for me. Quick: I had some troubles with BF V, so I bought a cheap used 2070 Strix. Things got worse. Turned out to be a CPU bottleneck. Luckily my Z170 A from Asus supported the 7700K, so I got one of those off ebay. BF V now runs 1080P 130+FPS. But god damn that thing runs hot! I haven't played with custom loops since I was active in here, a decade ago. So I decided on the cheapest AIO that seemed worthy of modding. Corsair H100x is a non bells and whistles version from Coolit. Nice kit. Sucky fans. Threw on some rad killers NF-F12. Placed the RAD in top of my old Cooler Master HAF 922. Nah, bit rattly sound. Not much, but I sensed it. Thought about buying one of those modern front rad cases, but that money could be well spent on many other upgrades to my system, and I already have THE airflow case. So I ended up showing my old 922 some angle grinder TLC.
    The mod needed to be done in plastic, since I had a hole saw for wood, and I wasn't about to kill that thing drilling 3 127mm holes in aluminum. I had an old ABS case for pictures laying around. So this mod cost me nothing but short of a half day of tinkering.

    A little side note for the Corsair H100x. It doesn't have fancy brains and such. So I figure it has a 12V pump and a 12V LED. It has a SATA connector and a 3-pin fan header with only RPM. I wanted to lower the pump RPM when the PC is idle, because 4K RPM can be heard! I took a 3-pin fan header, soldered it to an old sata connector and another male 3-pin fan header(for RPM feedback). This made my cheap H100x able to be controlled from my MB pump header. Now it runs at 87% in idle, and is literally silent. LED dims to 50% or so when lowered to 87% voltage.

    Before the modding. I had previously removed the drivebays in front of the 200mm fans.

    Stripped down HAF 922

    Lid from an ABS case

    Cut the case, put in the ABS sheet, and drilled the holes

    Fan test. No vibrating or any other nasty stuff. YAY!

    Should have gotten a 360 AIO, but I didn't know that at the time

    I'm not an LED guy. That thing really looks sweet.

    Complete. Fans front. SSD in the bottom. Like a 2019 case. 10 years didn't do much to this old HAF ;-)

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    Job well done mate, looks crisp and clean



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