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Thread: windwithme Computex 2019 New stuff and Show Girl report

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    windwithme Computex 2019 New stuff and Show Girl report

    This year some famous IT companies did early launch event before the show, that made the Computex more different than before.
    For sure the new products need to be attractive, that will be better to the pre-show launch event.
    Attractive enough to catch international buyers, media and consumers’ attention. One of the most typical launch is AMD announced Ryzen 3000 series and Navi GPU.
    Back to the Computex show, many brands still focus on Gaming products. Used RGB scenario lights to build up many types of computers and gaming gears.

    First look on Notebook market, after Gaming with RGB lighting, this year most popular design is thin bezel,
    DELL from US also make Alienware M series for slimmer design. According to the display size named m15 and m17, with brand new ID design.
    I’m working on the Alienware Area 51M tests, the highest level thick one.

    The XPS 13 series for many years, many brands still copy its thin design style.
    The new version of XPS 14 put Webcam on top of the screen, it’s more convenience.

    GIGABYTE notebook used AORUS for gaming, also launched New AERO series.
    AERO series designed for creators, AERO 15 silver white looks more elegant.

    Display came with X-Rite Pantone color calibration, they made calibration for every model in the factory. SAMSUNG AMOLED and Precise Color is their unique feature.

    AERO 17
    Display SPEC and Hardware combinations did not show in the VIP room.

    AORUS 17
    Higher level for Gaming segment, the ID design also very special.

    New AERO 15/17 series comes with Core i9 and RTX graphics.
    New AORUS 17 will build up with RTX 2080 high performance version.

    GE65 Raider with SHARP IGZO 240Hz display

    GT76 Titan with i9 9900K and Overclocked Full Cores at 5GHz.
    CINEBENCH R15 CPU => 2155 cb

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    Main and Second displays made people impressive, also ASUS latest design concept.

    Motherboard and Graphics card is core business, also have more product lines.

    Racing X570GT8
    Chipset with fan enhance cooling, it?s normal design on many brands of AMD X570 chipset MBs.
    Maybe it?s because Ryzen 3000 series supported PCIe 4.0 tech. that makes chipset with higher TDP.

    SSD series also become their main product line, the test result on right side are the highest level of the speed.
    Wish to have PCIe 4.0 higher speed M.2 SSD in the near future.

    Thermaltake launched WaterRam RGB DDR4-3200 in the beginning of 2019.
    This time they got new ToughRam RGB DDR4-3600

    The unique software interface looks much better.

    Overclocker P1t1 made Live Demo OC on DDR4-4800

    Launched TFORCE XTREEM DDR4-4800 High level product

    M.2 SSD with new Water Cooling thermal pad, made it more colorful.

    Supported PCIe 4.0, used PHISON E16 Controller
    Seq Read 4800 MB/s,Seq Write 4000 MB/s
    As I knew CORSAIR and AORUS have same level products.

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    GeForce RTX 2080 Ti K|NGP|N version
    Co-branding with 3DMARK World champion level famous person, used water cooling design.

    Brand PC assembled with many EVGA products.
    EVGA got Nu Audio card, it’s software setup UI in the photo.

    Classic System PC brand, demoed many SFF PC systems.
    XPC Nano X1 for Gaming, built-in GTX 1060 graphics.

    These years coming more and more smart digital life products,
    Combined the hardware and capability for SFF PC, designed out many usages on facial recognized, virtual meeting business systems.
    Bar Type D230, after recognized sexual and ages, recommended 4 products.

    Intel Core i9-9900KS 8C16T all cores at 5GHz Live Demo

    Intel Core i7 8565U GPU => Average FPS 13.0
    Intel Ice Lake GPU => Average FPS 26.5

    Show Girls is also important for Computex report every year, this year seemed getting less.

    I was told this is Little Snow from 17 Live Streamer.

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    For many years the Computer Industry into mature stage, many people might think the Computex did not brought big change recently.
    Of course it’s not like new blue sea product lines that make people amazing, but still a must that keep improving every year.
    Many brands generated creativity or new design style to make our life richer.
    Still can see some new concept or creative design at Computex show, its worth to look into them.
    If you are expecting new revolution generation products, that might be AI or 5G wireless applications.

    Below was made by windwithme, I took 2 days to study more products and some photos sharing, please reply to support me if you like this article. I don’t want to put to many photos in a article, some SG photos will post on my personal fans FB.
    If you like windwithme articles, please come to below link to give me a like.
    That also could know my latest testing models and status. Your reply and like will always cheer me up to make new stuff.
    Windwithme WWM - 3C all with me!

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    I dont use facebook so i give you a LIKE here ;-) .

    My personal vote is on the DTS girl :P .
    Very nice photos man
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    Nice photos !

    Love good old fashioned pictures in today video world..



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