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Thread: LOOP UPGRADE / Build log on X58 w/ X5680@4.6GHZ w/ 1080TI@2100 = #1 ranked 3dmark X58

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    LOOP UPGRADE / Build log on X58 w/ X5680@4.6GHZ w/ 1080TI@2100 = #1 ranked 3dmark X58

    Liquid metal on the GPU and CPU... The works... I love that a 10 year old motherboard can still keep up (bootable m.2, USB3, etc. etc...! It is actually ranked #1 in 3dmarks for x58/1080ti combo

    Also: I put together a build/ rebuild video on you YouTube if you are into that kind of thing!
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    Wow that thing is super sexy.

    What happened to the IC7G? ��

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    Very nice man !
    Sweet job on the video. So much work done and you did a fantastic job !

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    Lol, seems my future X58 upgrades will be worth it.

    How can eVGA x58 boot from M.2 tho? USB 3.0 I get, you can get add-on card.. but boot from nVme is kinda difficult to pull from X58? (mostly no go in natural BIOS state, unless you got UEFI) Ofc I know you can boot up via loader, is it what you are using?
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    I'm curious about this as well. It would breathe some life into a lot of older rigs if this is a universal trick that's easy to pull off.
    Beautiful build, btw. I love seeing old hardware brought to life.
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    I Upgraded as far as a Intel Core i7-6700K
    and then it just got a touch to much for me to keep upgrading and went the Xeon 5675 way

    Asus P6T Deluxe V2 X58 User here and going to try(looking for some more info) the booting m.2 thing as well

    Nice job fellow X58'er

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    lovin it!
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