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Thread: LOOP UPGRADE / Build log on X58 w/ X5680@4.6GHZ w/ 1080TI@2100 = #1 ranked 3dmark X58

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    LOOP UPGRADE / Build log on X58 w/ X5680@4.6GHZ w/ 1080TI@2100 = #1 ranked 3dmark X58

    Liquid metal on the GPU and CPU... The works... I love that a 10 year old motherboard can still keep up (bootable m.2, USB3, etc. etc...! It is actually ranked #1 in 3dmarks for x58/1080ti combo

    Also: I put together a build/ rebuild video on you YouTube if you are into that kind of thing!
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    Wow that thing is super sexy.

    What happened to the IC7G? ��

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    Very nice man !
    Sweet job on the video. So much work done and you did a fantastic job !

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    Lol, seems my future X58 upgrades will be worth it.

    How can eVGA x58 boot from M.2 tho? USB 3.0 I get, you can get add-on card.. but boot from nVme is kinda difficult to pull from X58? (mostly no go in natural BIOS state, unless you got UEFI) Ofc I know you can boot up via loader, is it what you are using?
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