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Thread: Starting in water cooling

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    Starting in water cooling

    Hi guys

    Apologies in advance for the NOOB questions. Very much grateful however for any pointers.
    In brief, want to build a new system, with a Z390 motherboard and a Thermaltake P3 case. Main focus is on being quiet (yes, I know the case is not a closed one...). It would only be used to cool the CPU as can't be bothered with messing around to make it also work for my graphics card.
    I'm used to aircooling, as well as, on my current system, water cooling (Corsair H80:

    Now (and here come the NOOB questions....) what is better to get with the above (i.e. focus on quiet) on mind?
    Is it just the 'water ring' (which really is the same as the Corsair H80 I have now, but with a bigger radiator):
    or a pump like here, which also has a radiator and fans:

    What's the advantage of one over the other? What are the basic characteristics? (e.g. 'never get a pump because it's just too loud and really there only for visual effect' or 'get the pump as does better cooling'
    Also, what is an AIO (all in one) pump? Should I be insisting on getting a Z390 motherboard with an AIO header therefore?

    Have been reading around and also understand that, for example, corrosion is an issue - am not interested in a system that I may have to fix in say three years as don't have the time to mess around, just want it to work.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    sorry been out of all this for a while, but I would stay away from all-in-ones.
    my corroded 2 coppers

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