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Thread: Happy New Year

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    Red face Happy New Year

    I am just 10 hours and 15 minutes away from new year. Let's wish altogether and make 2019 and further coming years as our best years.

    BE HAPPY ALL......

    When i'm being paid i always do my job through.

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    Happy New Year Everyone !!!!

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    Happy New Year and a prosperous 2019 to all.....

    To all the crunchers and folders - keep up the good work!
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    A very happy new year to everyone! May it be filled with joy!

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    Happy New Year, working on upgrades and XS facelift change for 2019.
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    Happy New Year everyone!

    And don't forget about World Community Grid in 2019
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    what kind of changes you looking at charles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IFMU View Post
    what kind of changes you looking at charles?
    I heard there is a pink theme coming , Happy New Year

    Quote Originally Posted by bluestang View Post
    Happy New Year everyone!

    And don't forget about World Community Grid in 2019
    Thanks, going to do some work again...
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