Just want to say this is a very sad day for us in Newtown.
Some coward called in a bomb threat to our Grade School, the Sandy Hook Elementary School on the 6 year anniversary of the massacre. Sandy Hook Elementary was evacuated for the threat on 6th anniversary of the massacre.

This was the worst, most dispicipable thing that has ever happened close to us. I Don't just mean because we live in Sandy Hook, but because we moved to Newtown for Sandy Hook Grammar School, it was highly rated.
Stevie went there for Grades Kindergarten thru 4th grade. He was in 8th Grade at the time of the shooting.
We knew some of the teachers and staff personally through Stephen. And so close to Xmas.... ;(

Today started just like any other day except Stephen (my son) rolled in at 9PM last night for winter break, very cool.
So all of a sudden I hear the house rattling and the sound of helicopters like they were landing on the house. I look out the window and see 2 Apache helicopters, warbirds... Probably 150 feet off the ground heading in that direction. Wow I said to Kris, I love aircraft, just love it so I was very excited, then she reminded what day today is....

6th anniversary of massacre

I have a close friend that had a First Grader going there at the time, (one of many friends) they were real close, enough to call him one of my best friends. I Knew his son very well, we got along great, I knew him before and after and he will carry this for the rest of his life.

Well the day of the shooting, we know because of the accounts of the witnesses. The FBI re-created a timeline and the shooter went in to a classroom, then I think another & came out and headed towards my Friends son's classroom area. But some people came out of the office and tried to stop the shooter and it wasn't good. But it changed his direction...
Bad things happen to good people, it's the only way to digest it. I try every now and then to say their names as my way of honoring those young beautiful spirits and the adults that we lost that day. It is not understandable how someone could shoot a first grader, just unimaginable. ---massacre

So a few days later my Friend John told me this little story.
Because it was a crime scene they couldn't move any bodies, so the teachers in an effort to evacuate the other children left in the school told them. "Close your eyes and grab the shoulders of your friends, Do not open for anything but just follow them and we will get outside to safety. The danger is over but we have to go now."
So imagine that, being a first grader, you know that your gonna peek and have to serpentine thru the halls and bodies to safety. I will never forget that story and image it conjured...

Say an extra prayer tonight for your family and friends plus also all the victims of the sandy hook massacre.
We will never forget 12-14-12

This picture below shows just what they did and them in the parking lot....
What a Nightmare,

Sorry to burden you with this tragic moment in time but we need to still honor the victims, plus we are still living it......