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Thread: NOOB water-cooling help

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    NOOB water-cooling help

    Hi guys,

    I'm familiar with air-cooling and have previously put together my own systems.
    After a few years (seven....) I'm looking to upgrade my PC, but am not up to speed anymore.
    I'd like to install a Thermaltake P1 case (https://www.thermaltake.com/products...?id=C_00003030), wall mounted, with water cooling. The idea is that just the CPU will be cooled, as the graphics card doesn't need cooling in normal operation (i.e. just using Win10 - fans then switch on for gaming). I could very probably do without water cooling, but want to simply try it out.
    To cut a long story short, I'm not sure what motherboard to choose, due to different connectors for the pump - either a 4-pin one or an AIO one.


    What is the difference between these connectors? What do I need to cool my CPU? The CPU may end up being one of the new i9s.

    Thanks in advance for any replies!

    P.S. given water cooling, pump, etc - is this a problem when transporting the PC, if for example I turn it horizontal? I.e. leaking liquid?

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    Hi, I have the P3, haven't even opened the box yet, but keep us posted with pics of your build. I am excited to build mine...

    The Thermaltake P1 case can only use Mini-ITX boards, From what i have experienced with ITX you won't be doing any real seriously overclocking because of the size of the board
    and the heat dissipation because of that board size.

    I would just pick out a nice 280 AIO and rock with that, you should get a decent overclock plus it would look very clean since you won't be having to worry about
    tubing or fittings, pumps or resi's.

    As far as boards go, I like the ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING

    I think i will just use my asus Maximus X Hero (ac) and i already have a nice NZXT 280 AIO to cool a i7-8086k, I feel this rig will keep me gaming for the next 2 years
    But I will be using the stand and not a wall mount.

    As far as the "difference between these connectors?" I'll leave that for someone else. But I would just stick with a nice AIO since you will be running a ITX...
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