Hi, this is my favorite part, there is so much to know and we need people to help rebuild our current information base.

We need things like - best overclocking OS's for xxxxxx and links, then we develop settings, maybe an XS download OD that really minimal and great for overclocking, just an idea.

We also need a better understanding of all the programs that HWbot gives points for, which ones to get, do we need to buy them or use their free one,
Which ones will help with different types of overclocking, cpu, gpu, motherboard and software.

I get all this because i am trying to find this out to start my journey.

also what hardware = what settings. I know we have a lot of that here but as we move forward the phrase should never be "Go do some reading dude" like it used to be.
It should be more like, here check out this link and if you need any help go to here....
Stuff like that will make this place grow back, but we have to realize the generation we are dealing with now, it quick, i want it now, well i'll just google it world.
I feel the more streamlines we could build up XS the better, It's like an old house with too much old furniture, we need a paint job, we need to store the stuff we are not using currently
and we also need to give it some personality again. There is so much good stuff here, plus a knowledge base of very smart people, that is the biggest asset that XS has over
every other site. It just needs to be streamlined and organized for the new gen of iphone style information users...

I don't have all the answers but i am not scared to help and try to restore our legacy for our son's and daughters....
But sorry i'm not building any walls....

again just my