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Thread: GSkill Trident Z 4000 C19 OR 3000 C14 for same price?

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    GSkill Trident Z 4000 C19 OR 3000 C14 for same price?

    So I can get this 32GB kit f4-4000c19d-32gtzkk used for about $350 which seems to go for $450 new. The owner says he could also do about 3600 CL6 at 1.35v with it.
    I was originally thinking on going with Skill Trident 3000 CL14 and try to OC it but seeing that the 3000 C14 sells new for $350 vs this 4000 C19 for the same price (but used), it seems that the 4000 will give me more flexibility to go high on frequency or go lower and tighten the timings.
    Makes sense?

    PS I will primarily be doing Photoshop with lots of plugins, VR Gaming and then Premiere or Vegas video editing. While I kind of wanted RGB RAM, I can ignore that if this 4000 deal is a good one.

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    4000C19 is definitely Samsung, the 3000 might not be.
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    3000C14 might not able to reach 4000 even with relax timings. best will be 4000C19.
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