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Thread: [news] Benchmarks for Intel Core i5-9600K Leak, Can Be Overclocked to 5.2 GHz On Air

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    [news] Benchmarks for Intel Core i5-9600K Leak, Can Be Overclocked to 5.2 GHz On Air

    Quote Originally Posted by TechPowerUp | Posted 15 October 2018
    The first official data we have received about the performance of the new Intel processors are not exactly spectacular. The Core i9-9900K has aroused considerable controversy due to the unfair Precision Technologies test bench. The results have been reviewed and confirm that the performance gain is debatable, but independent analyses have yet to appear for Core i9-9900K, Core i7-9700K and Core i5-9600K processors.

    Today we have some info about one of them: a new video in China shows a Core i5-9600K being benchmarked with a MSI Z390 MEG Godlike motherboard with 16GB of DDR4 memory and a Silver Arrow Extreme cooler from Thermalright. We don't have game benchmarks, but at least we have some Cinebench results both with the processor working with its 3.7 GHz base clock and overcloked to 5.2 GHz. That process was done without problems despite using an air cooler.

    The results in Cinebench R15 were 1,034 CB without overclocking and 1,207 with overclocking. These performances are at the level of the Core i5-8600K, which obtained 1,051.66 CB compared to 976.61 CB of the Core i5-8400 with their base clock. The price of the Core i5-9600K is now around $280 dollars when we've also have got the Core i5-8600K at $260 and the Core i5-8400 priced at $205. Everything gets even more interesting if we consider that the AMD Ryzen 7 2700 costs $250 and the Ryzen 2700X is at $295. The latter has been the one compared with the Core i9-9900K in the tests officially published by Intel.
    Sources: TechPowerUp / bilibili / TweakTown
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    Cost of Ryzen 2700X dropped. Ryzen 2800X to be released?
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    I think intel have lost the plot as of late. If you ask me I think Raja Koduri might have dropped the keys to the medicine cabinet down the drain ��
    Firstly Kaby Lake-X on x299 , then the spectre and i7 8086k. Most recently has seen the release of 9th gen which oddly shares the same code name as 8th gen, I assume it's the same architecture? Also the i9 branding for mainstream CPU's, then dropping hyperthreading for i7, now misleading benchmarks. Sure I've missed something.
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    @ Pit bull...

    I don't care for the i9 thing either, the prices now are a bit up there.
    But at least they're still outing $600 ones that are ok.

    As for the bench's, when a site does that you should just drop them as a ref for such info.
    I don't hold it against the cpu maker..
    Well that's not entirely true, I still hold a slight grudge over amd doing the same way back when during the k6/2-3 days.

    The spectre thing, you can disable all those workarounds if you need the speed.
    It'll get fixed by tigerlake or icelake whatever in a few.
    So you'll end up with the typical +5%, and another potential +15%~ perf increase in whatever gen that ends up being.
    And it gives tweakers an extra boost compared to normal people or other os'es, extending the life of older cpu's in a sense.

    Btw, do you still work with DFI?
    Last time I knew they still made oem boards.
    Crazy that it's essentially gone off the mainstream market.
    Asus ain't so bad though...

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    Never worked with dfi (I wish), just owned few of their boards. I do like Asus, they took over what dfi left behind, except the crazy UV colours.
    BTW, was really expecting cannonlake to be 9th gen. Might pick up an i5 9600k and see what it can do on a custom loop, it's radiator is outside and cooler weather coming, currently have i3 8350k.



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